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Fun Fun Fun

Well, she got her daddy's car
And she cruised through the hamburger stand, now
Seems she forgot all about the library
Like she told her old man, now
And with the radio blastin'
Goes cruisin' just as fast as she can, now
And she'll have fun, fun, fun
'Til her daddy takes the T-Bird away

Well, the girls can't stand her
'Cause she walks, looks, and drives like an ace, now
She makes the Indy 500
Look like the Roman Chariot Race, now
A lot of guys try to catch her
But she leads 'em on a wild goose chase, now
And she'll have fun, fun, fun
'Til her daddy takes the T-Bird away

Well, you knew all along
That your dad was gettin' wise to you, now
And since he took your set of keys
You've been thinkin' that your fun is all through, now
But you can come along with me
'Cause we've got a lot of things to do, now
And we'll have fun, fun, fun
Now that daddy took the T-Bird away
And we'll have fun, fun, fun
Now that daddy took the T-Bird away

Diversão Diversão Diversão

Bem, ela pegou o carro do pai
E cruzou em direção a lanchonete, agora
Parece que ela esqueceu tudo sobre a biblioteca
Como ela disse para o seu velho, agora
E com o rádio estourando
Vai atravessando tão rápido quanto ela pode, agora
E ela terá diversão, diversão, diversão
Até que seu pai tire seu carro T-Bird

Bem, as meninas não conseguem deter ela
Porque ela anda, se veste e dirige como um às, agora
Ela faz com que o Indy 500
Parece uma corrida de bigas romanas, agora
Um monte de garotos tentam chegar nela
Mas ela os faz tentar em vão, agora
E ela terá diversão, diversão, diversão
Até que seu pai tire seu carro T-Bird

Bem, você sabia o tempo todo
Que seu pai estava dando uma de esperto com você, agora
E desde que ele tomou seu conjunto de chaves
Você vem pensando que toda a sua diversão acabou, agora
Mas você pode vir comigo
Porque nós temos várias coisas pra fazer, agora
E ela terá diversão, diversão, diversão
Até que seu pai tire seu carro T-Bird
E ela terá diversão, diversão, diversão
Até que seu pai tire seu carro T-Bird

Composição: Brian Wilson / Mike Love · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Traduzida por Aline
8.085 exibições
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  83. Gettin Hungry
  84. Girl Don't Tell Me
  85. Goin' On
  86. Goin' South
  87. Got To Know The Woman
  88. Graduation Day
  89. Help Is On The Way
  90. Here She Comes
  91. Hey Little Tomboy
  92. Hold Back Time
  93. Hold On Dear Brother
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  96. How She Boggalooed
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  106. Island Girl ( I'm Gonna Make Her Mine)
  107. It's About Time
  108. It's Gettin Late
  109. It's Just A Matter Of Time
  110. It's Ok
  111. It's Over Now
  112. Johnny Carson
  113. Keepin The Summer Alive
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  115. Kona Coast
  116. Lady Lynda
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  2. No-Go Showboat
  3. Oh Darlin'
  4. Old Folks At Home/Ol' Man River
  5. Only With You
  6. Orange Crate Art
  7. Our Team
  8. Palm Tree And Moon
  9. Passing Friend
  10. Peggy Sue
  11. Pitter Patter
  12. Radio King Dom
  13. Remember Walking In The Sand
  14. Rio Grande
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  18. Salt Lake City
  19. San Francisco
  20. San Miguel
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  29. Slow Summer Dancin
  30. Some Of Your Love
  31. Somewhere Near Japan
  32. Spirit Of America
  33. Still I Dream Of It
  34. Still Surfin
  35. Strange Things Happen
  36. Student Demonstration Time
  37. Sumahama
  38. Summer In Monterey
  39. Summer In Paradise
  40. Summer Of Love
  41. Sunshine
  42. Sweet Sunday Kinda Love
  43. Take A Load Of Your Feat
  44. Tears In The Morning
  45. The Baker Man
  46. The Girl From New York City
  47. The Little Girl I Once Knew
  48. This Car Of Mine
  49. This Song Wants To Sleep With You Tonight
  50. This Town Goes Down At Sunset
  51. Transcendental Meditation
  52. Vegetables
  53. Walkin' The Line
  54. We're Together Again
  55. When Girls Get Together
  56. Where I Belong
  57. Whistle In
  58. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
  59. Wild Honey
  60. Winds Of Change
  61. Wings Of Dove
  62. Wontcha Come Out Tonight
  63. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
  64. Add Some Music
  65. Alley Oop
  66. Auld Lang Syne
  67. Big Sur
  68. H.e.l.p. Is On The Way
  69. Hully Gully
  70. Its Ok
  71. Lets Go Trippin
  72. Melekalikimaka
  73. Surfs Up
  74. We Three Kings Of Orient Are
  75. Winter Symphony
  76. Wonderful
  77. (I Saw Santa) Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
  78. All I Want To Do
  79. Bells Of Christmas
  80. Blue Christmas
  81. Brian Wilson Christmas Interview
  82. California Calling
  83. "Cassius" Love Vs. "Sonny" Wilson
  84. Child Of Winter (Christmas Song)
  85. Christmas Day
  86. Christmas Time Is Here Again
  87. Dennis Wilson Christmas Message
  88. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
  89. Long Tall Texan
  90. The Man With All The Toys
  91. White Christmas
  92. I'll Be Home For Christmas
  93. Frosty The Snowman
  94. Merry Christmas, Baby
  95. Doo Wa Ditty
  96. Fall Breaks And Back To Winter (Woody Woodpecker Symphony)
  97. Full Sail
  98. Good Time
  99. How She Boogalooed It
  100. I Should Have Known Better
  101. I'm In Great Shape
  102. In The Still Of Night
  103. Don't Talk
  104. Diamond Head
  105. A Casual Look
  106. Add Some Music To Your Day
  107. Amusement Parks, U.S.A.
  108. Bull Session With The 'Big Daddy'
  109. Celebrate The News
  110. Child Is Father Of The Man
  111. Country Air
  112. Keep An Eye On Summer
  113. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
  114. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  115. Take A Load Of Your Feet
  116. Tell Me Why
  117. The Warmth On The Sun
  118. There's No Other (Like My Baby)
  119. Toy Drive Public Service Announcement
  120. Vege-Tables
  121. Livin' With A Heartache
  122. Looking At Tomorrow
  123. Loop de Loop
  124. Moon Dawg
  125. Old Masterpainter
  126. Our Prayer
  127. Over The Waves
  128. From There To Back Again
  129. The Private Life Of Bill And Sue
  130. Spring Vacation
  131. Shelter
  132. Beaches In Mind
  133. Daybreak Over The Ocean
  134. Strange World
  135. Summer's Gone
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