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I Just Can't Wait To Be King

Way beyond the water hole
A little down the line
The jungle and the plains and peaks
Are scheduled to be mine

I'm gonna be the ruler
Of most everything around
From the grandest of the montains
To the humble common ground
My reing will be a super-awesome thing
Oh, i just can´t wait to be king

I´m gonna be the mane event
Like no king was before
I´m brushing up on looking down
I´m working on my roar
The fauna and the flora gonna swing
Oh, I just can´t wait to be king

No one saying do this
No one saying be here
No one saying stop that
No one saying see here
Free to run around all day
I´ll be free to do it my way

No one saying do this
No one saying be here
No one saying stop that
No one saying see here
Free to run around all day
Free to do it my way

The time has come
As someone said
To talk of many things
This may be true
But i would rather stick to talking kings

It´s easy to be royal
If you´re already leonine
It isn´t just my right
Even my left will be divine
The monarchy is waiting to go zing
Oh, I just can´t wait to be king

Oh, I just can´t wait to be king
(Repeat until fade)

Eu Apenas Não Posso Esperar Para Ser Rei

Muito além do furo de água,
Um pouco abaixo da linha do horizonte,
A selva e as planícies e picos
Estão programados para serem meus!

Eu vou ser o governante,
De quase tudo ao redor.
Dos grandiosos das montanhas
Aos humildes do chão comum.
Meu reino vai ser uma coisa super terrível!
Oh, eu mal posso esperar para ser Rei!

Eu terei uma grande juba,
Como nenhum Rei teve antes!
Estou escovando-me em cima olhando para baixo,
Estou trabalhando no meu rugido!
A fauna e a flora vão balançar!
Oh, eu mal posso esperar para ser Rei!

Ninguém para dizer "faça isso"!
Ninguém para dizer "Esteja aqui"!
Ninguém para dizer "pare com isso"!
Ninguém para dizer "Venha aqui"!
Livre para correr o dia todo,
Eu serei livre para fazer do meu jeito!

Ninguém para dizer "faça isso"!
Ninguém para dizer "Esteja aqui"!
Ninguém para dizer "pare com isso"!
Ninguém para dizer "Venha aqui"!
Livre para correr o dia todo,
Livre para fazer do meu jeito!

A hora chegou,
Como alguém disse;
Para falar de muitas coisas!
Isso pode ser verdade,
Mas eu prefiro falar de Reis!

É fácil de ser majestoso,
Se você já é leonina.
Isto não é apenas meu direito,
Até deixei, vai se divino!
A monarquia está esperando para ir zing,
Oh, eu mal posso esperar para ser Rei!

Oh, eu mal posso esperar para ser Rei!
(Repita até desaparecer)

Composição: Elton John / Hans Zimmer / Tim Rice · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Traduzida por Lucas
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  13. Fat Boys And Ugly Girls
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  17. Get Back
  18. Give Peace A Chance
  19. Go It Alone
  20. Gulliver
  21. Heart In The Right Place
  22. Hour Glass
  23. How I Know You
  24. Hymn 2000
  25. I Know The Truth
  26. I Swear I Heard The Night Talking
  27. I'm Going To Be A Teenage Idol
  28. I'm Your Man
  29. If The River Can Bend
  30. It's All In The Game
  31. It's Me That You Need
  32. Jack Rabbit
  33. Japanese Hands
  34. Je Veux De La Tendresse
  35. Lady D'Arbanville
  36. Last To Arrive
  37. Latitude
  38. Legal Boys
  39. Les Aveux
  40. Let Me Be Your Car
  41. Amen
  42. Love So Cold
  43. Medicine Man
  44. Mellow
  45. Mr. Frantic
  46. My Baby Loves Lovin'
  47. Neanderthal Man
  48. No Shoestring On Louise
  49. Not Me
  50. Pilot Of The Future
  51. Recover Your Soul
  52. Regimental Sergeant Zippo
  53. Religion
  54. Sails
  55. Saint
  56. Sartorial Eloquence
  57. Season Of Rain
  58. Since God Invented Girls
  59. Sing Me No Sad Songs
  60. Sitting Doing Nothing
  61. Sixteenth Century Man
  62. Slave
  63. Son Of Your Father
  64. Way To Blue
  65. Western Ford Gateway
  66. When I Think About Love
  67. When The Money's Gone
  68. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
  69. Whipping Boy
  70. White Christmas
  71. White Man Danger
  72. Wicked Dreams
  73. All That I'm Allowed (I'm Thankful)
  74. And The Clock Goes Round
  75. Country Love Song
  76. Go Out And Get It
  77. Honey Man
  78. Honky Tonk Women
  79. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
  80. The North
  81. Too Low For Zero
  82. I Stop And I Breathe
  83. Peter's Song
  84. Things Only Get Better With Love
  85. So Sad The Renegade
  86. The Letter
  87. The Scaffold
  88. A Step Too Far (Aida)
  89. Don Quijote
  90. Fanfare/Chloe
  91. Teardrops
  92. The Gods Love Nubia (Aida)
  93. The Messenger
  94. 20th Century Blues
  95. I Saw Here Standing There
  96. This Town
  97. I Must Have Lost It On The Wind
  98. Just Like Noah's Ark
  99. Postcards From Richard Nixon
  100. The Goaldigger Song
  101. Tinderbox
  102. Young Gifted And Black
  103. There's Still Time For Me
  104. Velvet Fountain
  105. Sweat It Out
  106. Town Of Plenty
  107. Someone To Watch Over Me
  108. Street Boogie
  109. The Wasteland
  110. The Power
  111. You'll Be Sorry To See Me Go
  112. In The Summertime
  113. Cage The Songbird
  114. Come Back Baby
  115. Spiteful Child
  116. Your Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock 'N' Roll)
  117. Shakey Ground
  118. Speechless (Feat. Lady GaGa)
  119. If It Wasn't For Bad
  120. Eight Hundred Dollar Shoes
  121. Hey Ahab
  122. There's no Tomorrow
  123. The Best Part Of The Day
  124. A Dream Come True
  125. Hearts Have Turned To Stone
  126. You Never Too Old (To Hold Somebody)
  127. Some Other World
  128. Crocodile Rock (feat. Nelly Furtado)
  129. Take Me Down To The Ocean
  130. I Don't Have a Day
  131. I'll Never Have That Chance
  132. In The Hands Of Angels
  133. Indian Maiden
  134. Love Of The Common People
  135. Love's Got A Lot To Answer For
  136. Mandalay Again
  137. Love Letters
  138. Love Adventure
  139. Like Father Like Son
  140. Last Night
  141. Into The Jungle
  142. If I Were A Carpenter
  143. Marching In Milan
  144. Medley: Yell Help/wednesday Night/ugly
  145. Quick Joey Small
  146. Out Of The Blue
  147. Orchestral Finale
  148. No Shoestrings On Louise
  149. Never Too Old (to Hold Somebody)
  150. Natural Sinner
  151. My Valentine
  152. My Kind Of Hell
  153. Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters Part Two
  154. Mellow Yellow
  155. Be Prepared
  156. Basque
  157. And The Clock Goes Round (NUnca Lançada)
  158. All The Way Down To El Paso
  159. All That I'm Allowed
  160. A Word In Spanish
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  162. A Dandelion Dies In The Wind (Nunca lançada)
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  165. Grandma's Song
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  181. The Panic In Me
  182. The Pacifier
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  184. The Muse
  185. The Man Who Never Died
  186. The Gods Love Nubia
  187. Timothy
  188. Tortured
  189. Written In The Stars (feat. LeAnn Rimes)
  190. Woolly Bully
  191. Without Question
  192. Understanding Women
  193. Two Rooms At The End Of The World
  194. Turn To Me
  195. Trust Me
  196. Trio
  197. Travellin' Band
  198. Signed Sealed Delivered
  199. Season Of The Rain
  200. Sail Me Away
  201. Rope Around A Fool
  202. Rolling Western Union
  203. Rollercoaster
  204. Steal Away Child
  205. Tartan Coloured Lady
  206. Taking The Sun From My Eyes
  207. Tactics
  208. Stormbringer
  209. Sweet Honesty
  210. Good Morning To The Night (feat. PNAU)
  211. Foreign Fields
  212. Phoenix
  213. Telegraph To The Afterlife
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  215. I Meant To do My Work Today (A Day In The Country)
  216. The Ballad Of Blind Tom
  217. Mexican Vacation (Kids In The Candlelight)
  218. The Diving Board
  219. My Quicksand
  220. Can't Stay Alone Tonight
  221. Voyeur
  222. Take This Dirty Water
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