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All I Ever Wanted

Insane Clown Posse

All I ever wanted was, I don't want a lot
All I ever wanted was a, job that I never got
All I ever needed, no one ever cared
All I ever wanted was, someone take me outta here

[Monoxide Child]
All I ever wanted was for me to be a myth
Hidden from the land of the bliss
I'm constantly dissed and pissed off
My mind frame's shackled to the floo'
And I can't move even a little (Bitch)
All I ever wanted was a noose to hang from
And to show all of you bitches, where I came from
The Carnival is comin', you can see it in my eyes
Screamin' at the top of my lungs, "I wanna die!"
You couldn't see it wit' ya glasses on
Without a witness, doin' dirt all by my lonely and then I'm gone
All I ever wanted was to flip the script
You pull a gat on me, and I'mma break both your arms, bitch
Eastside represented by the killas
Drug dealers, (put ya hands up if ya feel us)
And I don't give a fuck about you bitches spreadin' hate
(Why?) Cuz most of you hoes'll be dead in 28


[Shaggy 2 Dope]
All I ever wanted, lemme kick back and reminisce
Only a few things I can think of on my list
A new meat cleaver wit' an edge like a razor
And a windpipe connected to a hater (Ha!)
It's all I ever wanted, I ain't askin' for much
A handle with an axe at the end of my clutch
And then swing it down with all that I got
Into the ground and grip the ? hot
Hatchet riders & juggalos come wit' us
We ? told the otherside the fuck up
Douse a bitch wit' gas and fling the matches
I got somethin' for all they asses
Listen to 'em all, pleadin' for they life
Talkin' 'bout they were wrong and always knew we were right
Light the Mol-E-Tov, Aaaah!, BOW!
All we ever wanted starts happenin' now!


[Violent J]
All I ever wanted was a chance to shine
Wasn't askin' for much, I just wanted mine
I don't even have a clue what went wrong
I jus' knew I wouldn't let this shit fly for long
Tell me somethin', who the fuck you laughin' at?
What the fuck you thinkin'? Don't you see this bat?
Tell me what the hell is stoppin' me from crackin' ya dome
>From smackin' ya dome 'til it ooze like foam
All I ever wanted was an eye for an eye
I'mma taste your soul when I swallow it live
Turn around, wasn't lookin', diggin' in your locker
Soon as you looked up, WHACK, that's when I got ya
Crack, smack, kept rackin' in ya end
Kept thumpin' ya skull until it finally caved in
It looked like spaghetti in a broken bowl
I guess I lost control, that's all I ever wanted though


[Jamie Madrox]
All I ever wanted was to scare you to death
Choke your fuckin' neck until your ass is outta breath
All I ever wanted was to hear you scream
Ya know it's hard to sleep when you're controlled by ya dreams
The man in the mirror knows that vanity's a must
But will he understand and become like one of us?
Paintin' up his face, not givin' a fuck
Grabbin' his nuts and expectin' bad luck
All I ever wanted was a brand new axe
Strictly for the purpose of choppin' and splittin' backs (BITCH)
All I ever wanted was to watch you bleed
For the cause of the underground in which I believe
I'm the maniac, (yeah), but you don't understand
My axe keeps swingin' like blades on ceiling fans
I can show you everything that you can't see
That all I ever wanted to be was just me

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