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Secret Missile


I tell it sarrow that Europe is erased from
The world map within the nucler explotions that
Still goes on at the remaining parts of Asia
Shows that milions of people will die world health
Organization is insufficient and the United Nations
Organization can't take the control to stop the war
Clouds of nuclear remnants and acid are still
Raining by that destroying forests and all living
Beings the human race is vanishing and the same
Is the world... god save us ... please...

There is no reason to live alife in this century
People dig eachothers graves peace disappears from coast to coast
Traces of nuclear remain will lead the way to our racers dissolution

send in course to end it all
Locked to it's target secret missile
Send in course
Secret missile

No escape the crime's epidemic all will and with a big explotion
Disarmamed fakes everyone soon we will end up dead
Annihilated is the embrio prematurial death of a week existence
Technologital shelter saver a few from this mess


Becomes primitive and mentally moulded soon urged by brutal instnct
Misantropy end vengeance a cause by this war that've been
If this beings have a change to live they'll live in artificialition
The trenches are full with corpses cheated innocent bodies lie


Mangled organs in minefields the battle was to die
The vanishing of our planet, you may hear the cries
With those insatiables leading us we won't die by our wanted fate
Surreptitious suspicious plans destroyed my life in hate


Warpain, explotions, suffer and death

I turned my face and looked back to mother earth in sorrow
Said it was a mistake to start a war there'll be nothing left tomorrow
There was no reason to live a life in this century
People dug eachothers graves now my souls in a fury


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