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Crying Steel Guitar Waltz

Marty Robbins

The steel guitar played when I met her
And it played the night I lost her
Yes, you drove her to another
With your sweet steel guitar charm
I know your sorry, but it's too late now
And I know you meant no harm
But the waltz that you were playing
Put her in another's arms

So cry, steel guitar, cry on
You're crying because you know she is gone
Gone with another and I'm alone
So cry, steel guitar, cry on

So cry, steel guitar, cry on
You're crying because you know she is gone
Gone with another and I'm alone
So cry, steel guitar, cry on

Composição: Shorty Long · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
121 exibições
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  101. Eighteen Yellow Roses
  102. Twentieth Century Drifter
  103. Tie Your Dreams To Mine
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  112. The Last Time I Saw My Heart
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  136. Private Wilson White
  137. It's A Sin
  138. It's A Long Long Ride
  139. Many Tears Ago
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  144. I Can Get Along Without You
  145. I Feel Another Heartbreak Coming On
  146. Funny Face
  147. It's Not Love (But It's Not Bad)
  148. Amor
  149. Harbor Lights
  150. September In The Rain
  151. You Made Me Love You
  152. Am I That Easy To Forget
  153. As Time Goes By
  154. Sometimes When We Touch
  155. Too Young
  156. Padre
  157. Once Upon A Time
  158. The Letter Edged In Black
  159. The Convict And The Rose
  160. Jeannie And Johnny
  161. This Much A Man
  162. Change That Dial
  163. You Belong To My Heart
  164. All The Way
  1. Beyond The Reef
  2. Now Is The Hour
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  22. Address Unknown
  23. Love Can't Wait
  24. Quiet Shadows
  25. Simple Little Love Song
  26. The Sad Lover
  27. When Your Love Was Mine
  28. The Same Two Lips
  29. Never Look Back
  30. Crawlin' On My Knees
  31. A Little Spot In Heaven
  32. I'm Beginning To Forget
  33. I'm Wanting To
  34. It's Driving Me Crazy
  35. Just Before The Battle, Mother
  36. Lonely Too Long
  37. Martha Ellen Jenkins
  38. My Wonderful One
  39. One Man's Trash
  40. Overhurt And Underloved
  41. Respectfully Miss Brooks
  42. Sixty-Two's Most Promising Fool
  43. The Foggy Foggy Dew
  44. Then I Turned And Walked Slowly Away
  45. The Shoe Goes On The Other Foot Tonight
  46. Turn The Lights Down Low
  47. Worried
  48. You Don't Really Know
  49. The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me
  50. Don't You Think
  51. It Takes Faith
  52. Two Gun Daddy
  53. After You Leave Me
  54. A Very Special Way
  55. Calypso Girl
  56. I Hang My Head And Cry
  57. I Wish Somebody Loved Me
  58. Since You Went Away
  59. Too Far Gone
  60. Because It's Wrong
  61. Gone With The Wind
  62. If There's Still Another Mountain
  63. Put A Littlerainbow In Your Pocket
  64. While You're Dancing
  65. Your Heart Of Blue
  66. An Occasional Rose
  67. Franklin Tenessee
  68. Gene Autry My Hero
  69. I'm Too Big To Cry
  70. I Never Let You Cross My Mind
  71. Misery In My Soul
  72. My Greatest Memory
  73. Seventeen Years
  74. Sing Me Something Sentimental
  75. Song Of The Islands
  76. Too Late Now To Worry Anymore
  77. Until We Meet Again
  78. After The Storm
  79. Another Pack Of Cigarettes
  80. A Time And A Place For Everything
  81. My Mother Was A Lady
  82. Camelia
  83. Confused And Lonely
  84. Everybody's Darling Plus Mine
  85. Eyes
  86. Here Your Memory Comes Again
  87. If Her Blue Eyes Don't Get You
  88. I'll Be A Cowboy All My Life
  89. I'll Step Aside
  90. It's Not All Over
  91. Judy
  92. Windows Have Pains
  93. You Only Want Me When You're Lonely
  94. Sweet Country Music
  95. You Say It's Over
  96. The Performer
  97. Las Vegas Nevada
  98. You're An Angel Disguised As A Girl
  99. That's All She Wrote
  100. You Won't Have Her Long
  101. Your Heart's Turn To Break
  102. Abaline Rose
  103. You're Not Ready For Me Yet
  104. I Got No Use For The Women
  105. Girl From Spanish Town
  106. Up To My Shoulders (In A Heartache)
  107. A Favourite Song
  108. Chasing Rainbows
  109. Hello, Daily News
  110. I Hope You Learned A Lot
  111. I'll Go To Pieces
  112. Helen
  113. Guess I'll Just Stand Here (Looking Dumb)
  114. I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow
  115. I Lived A Lifetime In A Day
  116. The City
  117. The Taker
  118. The Wine Flowed Freely
  119. You're Breaking My Heart
  120. Ain't Life A Cryin' Shame
  121. Constancy
  122. Down Where The Tradewinds Blow
  123. Dream Of The Miner's Child
  124. Gossip
  125. It's A Whole Lot Easier
  126. Janet
  127. All I Want To Do
  128. Back To Montego Bay
  129. Fresh Out Of Tears
  130. I Couldn't Believe It Was True
  131. I'm Happy 'cause You're Hurtin'
  132. Lauraili
  133. Making The Most Of A Heartache
  134. Lilly Of The Valley
  135. San Francisco Teardrops
  136. Tumbling Tumbleweed
  137. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
  138. Grown Up Tears
  139. Progressive Love
  140. I'll Have To Make Some Changes
  141. Forever Yours
  142. Nine-Tenths Of The Law
  143. Oh Regina
  144. Nothing But Sweet Lies
  145. Tomorrow, Tomorrow
  146. I Can't Say Goodbye
  147. Martha, Oh Martha
  148. The First Song That Wasn't The Blues
  149. The Things That I Don't Know
  150. This Broken Heart Of Mine
  151. The Way I'm Needing You
  152. The Master's Touch
  153. The Best Part Of Living
  154. The American Dream
  155. The Late Great Lover
  156. Lolene
  157. Working My Way Through A Heartache
  158. Don't Sing Aloha When I Go
  159. Time Can't Make Me Forget
  160. The Way I Loved You Best
  161. Kingston Girl
  162. There's No More You And Me
  163. Blue Sea
  164. I'm Gonna Miss You When You Go
  1. Prayin' For Rain
  2. Sweet Bird Of Paradise
  3. Roving Gambler
  4. Another Lost Weekend
  5. Another Day Has Gone By
  6. Baby I Need You
  7. Tahitian Boy
  8. Times Have Changed
  9. Thanks But No Thanks (Thanks To You)
  10. Island Echoes
  11. (It Looks Like) I'm Just In Your Way
  12. I Need You To Hold Me Together
  13. It's A Pity What Money Can Do
  14. I've Never Loved Anyone More
  15. Rose Of Old Pawnee
  16. One Of These Days
  17. Pray For Me Mother Of Mine
  18. Would You Take Me Back Again
  19. Kalua
  20. Teenage Dream
  21. Sweet Leilani
  22. She Means Nothing To Me Now
  23. Early Morning Sunshine
  24. Leaving Is A Whole Lot Harder
  25. Last Night About This Time
  26. It Kinda Reminds Me Of Me
  27. Look What You've Done
  28. Making Excuses
  29. One Window, Four Walls
  30. Won't You Forgive
  31. Sometimes I'm Tempted
  32. Sixteen Weeks
  33. Lover, Lover
  34. More Than Anything (I Miss You)
  35. Please Don't Play A Love Song
  36. Native Girl
  37. Change Of Heart
  38. Darling Come Home
  39. Don't Let Me Touch You
  40. Don't Make Me Ashamed
  41. We're Getting Mighty Close
  42. Wonderful World Of You
  43. Seconds To Remember
  44. Let Me Live In Your World
  45. Over High Mountain
  46. Pain And Misery
  47. I'm Not Blaming You
  48. At The End Of A Long, Lonely Day
  49. Falling Out Of Love
  50. Guess I'll Be Going
  51. She's Made Of Faith
  52. Touch Me With Magic
  53. Once A Week Date
  54. I Wash My Hands In Muddy Water
  55. To Get To You
  56. I Don't Know Why I Just Do
  57. Moonland
  58. Mother Knows Best
  59. Time Goes By
  60. Just Like All The Other Times
  61. Our Last Goodbye
  62. She's Too Good To Be True
  63. Three Little Words
  64. Live And Let Live
  65. Pretend
  66. Slipping From Me
  67. Ain't I Right
  68. Too Many Places
  69. Love Needs
  70. I'll Be Alright
  71. Is There Any Chance
  72. I Told My Heart
  73. I've Got A Woman's Love
  74. Looking Back
  75. That Old Feeling
  76. The Nearness Of You
  77. This Song
  78. Till The Day I Die
  79. To Be In Love With Her
  80. Another Cup Of Coffee
  81. Why Keep Wishing
  82. Answer Me My Love
  83. Blue Sand
  84. Can I Help It
  85. Devil In A Cowboy Hat
  86. Holding On To You
  87. How Long Will It Be
  88. But Only In My Dreams
  89. Rich Man Rich Man
  90. I'll Know You're Gone
  91. The Way Of A Hopeless Love
  92. What Made You Change Your Mind
  93. Yesterday's Roses
  94. A Good Hearted Woman
  95. Are You Sincere
  96. At Times
  97. Blow Out The Candles
  98. Footprints In The Snow
  99. The Green Leaves Of Summer
  100. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love)
  101. I Don't Care
  102. If I Could Cry
  103. If You See My Heart Today
  104. I'm Saving All The Good Times
  105. T Had To Be You
  106. I've Lost My Love And You
  107. Where D'ya Go
  108. Without You To Love
  109. Mister Teardrop
  110. Wagon Wheels
  111. I Want Someone To Love
  112. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
  113. Long Long Ago
  114. Love Is A Hurting Game
  115. My Happy Heart Sings
  116. My Own Native Land
  117. Our Love Is At An End
  118. People's Valley
  119. Riding Down The Canyon
  120. Sometimes Love
  121. Summertime
  122. The Mango Song
  123. There's No Wings On My Angel
  124. The Sunny Side Of The Street
  125. Till Hell Freezes Over
  126. Unchained Melody
  127. Up In The Air
  128. Wabash Cannonball
  129. What If I Said I Love You
  130. You're Not The Only One
  131. Do Me A Favour
  132. Clara
  133. A Christmas Prayer
  134. Christmas Kisses
  135. Christams Time Is Here Again
  136. Christmastime's A-Commin'
  137. Don't Hang The Mistletoe
  138. God Understands
  139. Hark The Herald Angels Sing
  140. I'll Be Homefor Christmas
  141. Jingle Bell Rock
  142. Little Stranger (In A Manger)
  143. Oh, Little Town Of Bethlehem
  144. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
  145. Santa Claus Is Comming To Town
  146. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus
  147. Christmas Is For Kids
  148. Daddy Loves You
  149. If You Don't Care For Me
  150. Many Christmases Ago
  151. Merry Little Christmas Bells
  152. Nestor, The Long Eared Christmas Donkey
  153. Restless Eyes
  154. The Joy Of Christmas
  155. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  156. Hurt
  157. Honkytonk Man
  158. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
  159. Bouquet Of Roses
  160. Last Letter
  161. Tennessee Toddy
  162. Taker
  163. A Woman Gets Her Way
  164. Adios Mariquita Linda
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