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World Wide Mob Figgaz


Uhh.. world wide mob figgaz (for real)
World wide mob figgaz (O-U-T-L-A-W-Z) we world wide mob figgaz (for real)
World wide mob figgaz (check game you little young punk)
We world wide mob figgaz (all you niggaz is ??)

[Verse One]
What, what? Uhh, put them hands up
Rich niggaz throw the grands up, and what?
I got a plot to get what's mine in the nine nine
It's my time motherfucker try to stop it gon' see nine nines
(??) that's all I see when I open up
Baby girl, fuckin you now before I blow up
You know what? I seen your kind before, high saditty
but really like it raw in the closet
Like the rider type of whore, by the shore, (?) trick on her
But I'm collectin these vicks when I put the dick on her
O.U.T., L.A.W.Z.
You fuckin with a nigga livin destructively, pump and pee
Tuckin T's up in (?) when I jump on
I'm tryin to handle my business full grown
This shit is on, it's gettin crazy after dark
Where the real thug niggaz here you are
We world wide mob figgaz

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
We got homies on the front line livin it up
We got ladies in the back straight givin it up
It ain't nothin but a thug thang
World wide mob figga let me see a nigga nuts hang

World wide mob figga let me see a nigga nuts hang..
World wide mob figga let me see a nigga nuts hang..

[Verse Two]
Nigga duck down buck first, make 'em feel somethin
Shouldn't (?) if you ain't kill nuttin
Now you gotta face the (??) heavily armed
Outlawz did that, heavily gone
(?) with the left of us, best of us
Plus we wake up with our tec on us
We test yo' nuts in a heartbeat, sleep on the street
Obey the rules of the ones who want yo' beef I'll eat
Y'all niggaz weak, in a motherfuckin way it's so pitiful
I'll leave you motherfuckers critical
We heard the slick shit you said on fuckin Too $hort tape
But you only stepped your way into an early wake, early grave
That's what you brave niggaz get for fuckin with this
You had your chance to mob first you didn't you missed
Just switched to fake

Napolean be the motherfuckin last nigga with the gat to break
The last of fate, earthquake aftershock, is what you got
Fuckin with niggaz that give a damn about hip-hop
This how it go in our family
Cause this Outlaw shit is what we stand for gradually
We world wide mob figgaz


[2Pac over Chorus]
World wide motherfuckin mob figgaz
Weed smokin, gun-totin, drinkin
Ridin on our motherfuckin enemies
Y'all know how we do it

[Verse Three]
I be the Young N-O, to the B-L-E
Last name O-U-T-L-A-W-Z
M-A-R was the for starters, flee the whole cartridge
Your lady blew out the squad and the whole sausage
(??), hittin donuts in a 6
Sip Coronas when we bendin the corner, brothers hit
Urban legend, dirty third still reppin
Still double-S to bumrush your session
I get it dirty and burn ya just a nigga in a skirt
Drinkin Squirt, punk duck, hit the dirt
Sprint to the church that you got comin
Outlawz on the ride picture God runnin
Ain't nuttin but a thug thang, bust your brains
Pac passed the rock so we tucked the game
Under our belt, we huntin the wealth, you fuckin yourself off
Don't you know not to go against the Outlawz


World wide mob figga let me see a nigga nuts hang..
World wide mob figga let me see a nigga nuts hang..

[Verse Four: 2Pac]
Hey watch out man, look out
Known for doin scandalous deeds, no handlin me
Hypnotic to drugs it's the straight thug nigga in me
I swoop down and cause havoc
My rapid delivery, is automatic lettin niggaz have it
I've been labelled as a thug nigga
Since they don't sell my shit to white folks
ship it to the drug dealers
And catch a catch a nigga world wide
A fuckin mob figga West coast, who-ride
When we rob niggaz money make my squad bigger
But we ain't sell our souls
Bustin on my enemies, murder my foes
At my shows I'm a nut, lights camera time for action
Now get to clappin to my cuts, a world wide mob figga


[2Pac ad libbing]

Composição: 2Pac / E.D.I. / Napoleon · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Augusto
Traduzida por Cristhian
2.320 exibições
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  58. All Out (original version)
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  62. Jealous Got Me Strapped
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  65. Sleep
  66. Don't Stop
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  70. We Ride (ft. Rihanna)
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  72. Guess Who's Back
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  74. New Times
  75. The Case of the Misplaced Mic
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  77. 4 The Hustlers
  78. Goog Bless the Dead
  79. Deadly Venomz
  80. I Get Around (Remix)
  81. Last Wordz
  82. My Lil' Homies
  83. My Words To My Firstborn
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  85. Peep Game
  86. Under Pressure
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  90. Streetz R Deathrow
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  92. Nothing To Do
  93. Someday We'll Know
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  110. Me And My Homies
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  113. Salud y Vida
  114. Ambition As a Figtha
  115. Throw Your Hands Up
  116. Outro
  117. Papa's Song
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  119. Something Wicked
  120. Static
  121. The Streetz R Deathrow
  122. Why U Turn On Me
  123. Thugz Mansion (7 Remix)
  124. Thugs Get Lonely Too Ft. Nate Dogg
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