The Medley


[Jesus Gave Her Water] Chorus:

Oh, Jesus (he gave her water) he gave her water (he gave her water)
You know, my Jesus (he gave her water) gave her water (he gave her water)
Oh, Jesus, (he gave her water) gave her water (he gave her water)
and it was not from the well

Repeat chorus

Well there was a woman from Samaria
Who came from the well to get some water
And there she met a stranger
And he did her story tell
She left my savior singing
She came back to him bringing
The time she had living water
And it was not from the well

Repeat Chorus

[More Than A Friend]


More than a friend (well, he's more than a friend)
More than a friend (well, he's more than a friend)
More than a friend (he's more than a friend)
More than a friend

Well, he's more than a friend
More than a friend
Yes, he's more than a friend to me ('cause he gave up his life)
'Cause he gave up his life (and at oh)
and at oh such a price
and he's more than a friend to me

People keep on searchin' for that perfect friend (perfect friend)
Who'll they'll trust with their compassion and their confidence
'Cause they need someone to love them in the deepest way
(deepest way)
Hear what I'm about to say

He was willing to give his life (ultimate sacrifice)
He was God made flesh and put to death for me
Now you know it's easy to see

That he's more than a friend
More than a friend
Yes, he's more than a friend to me
'Cause he gave up his life
And at oh such a price
And he's more than a friend
More than a friend
More than a friend to me (more than a friend)

[His Righteousness]

God made him who had no sin
So that we might become his righteousness
Well, instead of ourselves he offered him so
So that we might become his righteousness
So that we (so that we might become his righteousness)
So that (so that we might become his righteousness)

Whoa-oh, holy God was offered for us
So that (so that we might become his righteousness)
So that we might become (so that we might become his righteousness)

[Lead Me To Rest]

Lead me to rest, sweet Lord
Lead me to rest
From my journey here, lead me to rest
The relief I've found
From the burdens that've weighed me down
Lead me to rest
Lead me to rest
Lead me to rest
Lead me (lead me to rest)
Lead me to rest, oh Lord

Outro x 4:
Oh, Lord, won't you lead me (won't you lead me)
Lead me to rest (won't you lead me, won't you lead me to rest)



Rescue, rescue
Rescue, rescue

Lord, you know everything I've done
Every thought I've had, you know every one
And Lord, you know every time I fall
Still you come to my rescue when I call

And Lord, you hear every idle word
Every thoughtless deed
How it seems absurd
That, Lord, you give, not what I am due
But mercy, mercy, aw, mercy
You come to my rescue

You come to my rescue (rescue)
You come to my rescue (rescue)
Thank you, Father (rescue)
For comin' to my rescue (rescue)
You come to my rescue, yes (rescue, rescue)
Thank you, Lord (rescue)
For comin' to my rescue (rescue)

[When Have Seen His Glory]

We have seen his glory
Oh, what an awesome power from above
We have seen his glory
Yeah, Jesus (we have seen his glory) the one
(the one and only son)
The one and only son

We have seen his glory
We have seen his glory
We have seen how he works in our lives today
We have seen his glory
The one (the one and only son)
The one and only son

[I Have A Friend]

I have a friend (I have a friend, I have a friend)
Who went to Calvary, to Calvary
He said I'll die (die, die)
But I'll show I'll rise again

I have a friend
They call him Jesus
I have a friend
The angels praise his name (praise his name)
The angels praise his name (praise his name)
The angels praise his name (praise his name)
Well, all right, come on and praise him, uh-huh

[Criminal On the Cross]

Well, it was many years ago, in the time of the Bible
that they took him up to Calvary (up to Calvary)
They should have let him go, but instead they chose Barabbus
just to set another criminal free (just to set him free)
When they crucified the ever-lovin' carin' Master
with compassion flowing from His eyes
Well, He said to a thief who was begging Him for mercy
that "Today you'll live in Paradise."

Hmm, I'm saved (I'm saved, I'm saved) like the criminal on the cross
Praise God, I'm saved, yes, (I'm saved, I'm saved) no more to suffer loss
Well, he said I'd live in Paradise
And He's taken care of the cost
Hallelujah, I'm saved (I'm saved, I'm saved) like the criminal on the cross
I'm saved (I'm saved, I'm saved) like the criminal on the cross

[Let's Get Together]

Well, it's time we stopped the fighting and start giving our love to each other
(give it to them, give it to them, we've got to learn to love them)
Oh, don't you know that they're never gonna see
how we're lovin' our Lord unless we're givin' our love to each other
(let's give them our love)

Let's get together
Let's stop the fighting
Let's start uniting

Repeat 5 times

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