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Way Out West

Andrew Bird

Elder green is dead and gone
Lost his way going down
Don't know who he is or what he is done
But it sure sounds sweet rolling off the tongue
Yeah, it sure sounds sweet rolling off the tongue
If it was in an old hotel
That happened to be on fire
Maybe I'd jump or maybe I'd reconsider
Then I'd climb a little higher
Like an oily rag in a dusty corner
Like a box of matches near an open flame
I'd jump 18 stories from a burning fire
Sooner I'd face this world of shame
Yeah, I'd skip this town and
Jump a westbound train
Take these fingerlings from my fingers
Spoken with your breath
With white-washed eyes
And flies that linger
Seems rather forlorn and bereft
I said where you going with that sack on your shoulder Willie
As if I could have guessed
He says I'm gonna get the hell
Out of slag Valley and take a little stroll way out west…
I'd get so far away
From that old matchbox hotal
Man I'd skip this town
Jump a westbound train
Anything to get away from this shame

Composição: Andrew Bird · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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