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Cooling breeze from a summer day
Hearing echoes from your heart
Learning how to recompose the words
Let time just fly

Joyful sea-gulls roaming on the shore
Not a single note will sound
Raise my head after I dry my face
Let time just fly

Recalling, retreating
Returning, retrieving
A small talk your missing
More clever but older now

A leader, a learner
A lawful beginner
A lodger of lunacy
So lucid in the jungle
A helper, a sinner
A scarecrow's agonyzing smile

Oh! Minutes go round and round
Inside my head
Oh! My chest will now explode
Falling into pieces
Rain breaks on the ground,...blood!

One minute forever
A sinner regretting
My vulgar misery ends

Ride the winds of a brand new day
High where mountain's stand
Found my hope and pride again
Rebirth of a man


(And I) ride the winds of a brand new day
High where mountain's stand
Found my hope and pride again
Rebirth of a man

Time to fly

Composição: Bittencourt / Loureiro · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Legendado por guilherme2b2 e outras 4 pessoas.
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