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Spoken word:
Baby, can I talk to you
I know something's wrong
Things just ain't the same
But deep down inside
I know you still care
So tell me what to do
To get things back again
The way they used to be

If your words have meaning
If you really care about me
Tell me why can't I find love in your heart
If you are my lover
Or come as a friend to me
Tell me why would you turn away from my love

So darlin' tell me what to do
to make things right (3x)
(Tell me what to do to make things right)

If your words have reasons
Then they would turn away from me
Trying hard to hide all truth that you might say
If you listen to me girl
If you know how I'm feeling inside
Then maybe,
you wouldn't shut me
out of your life, baby


All I'm asking for is a chance
To let me love you
Girl you know,
with me is where you should be
And if I change that we should find
That it can be for you and I
Then girl I've tried
I've tried, oh baby


Give anything for your love to be
How can I make you mine

Spoken word:
Girl you should know how I feel by now
There are so many ways to love
So just open your heart
And I'll find a way

Can't you see
All I'm asking for is a chance
To let me love you
(Can't you see)
Girl you know,
This is where you should be, ooh,
And if I change that we should find
That it can be for you and I
Then girl I've tried
I've tried, oh baby


(Oh my darlin')
(I need to know)
(I just wanna know how to make things right)
Baby won't you tell me what to do to make things right (2x)
You gotta tell me girl,
You gotta let me know.

Composição: Nneka Morton / Timmy Allen · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Traduzida por Nathália
Legendado por Aline MJ*beLIEv
12.444 exibições
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  56. Tender Love
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  58. You're An Angel (French)
  59. You Wrote The Book On Love
  60. You Are
  61. Rail Road
  62. The Best Of My Love
  63. Last Night You Saved My Life
  64. Friends Never Say Goodbye
  65. I'd do Anything
  66. Open Arms
  67. End Of The Road
  68. Somewhere Only We Know
  69. You're Not Alone
  70. Hologram
  71. Don't Try This At Home
  72. Loverboy
  73. Payback
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