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War Machine


Burning limbs and deformed steel
The shells cuts through the sky
The corpses fills the the endless fields
It's shoot to kill or die

The gas pours in like yellow mist
You die in kneedeep mud
You sink into that fuckin' smudge
Stichy from all the fuckin' blood

Medals, salutes, uniforms and eyes-left
Promotion, honour, glory then death

War Machine
War Machine

Tons of steel is pumped across
The burnin' no-mans land
You dig your face deep into the shit
And wait for the command

For medal, your King and country
Will crave the loss of limbs or eyes
For honour you'll need to give
General Death your fuckin' life

Ladders by the hundreds
Firmly placed among the dead
Leading to the hell
That rages on above your head

By the thousands you will run
Into that fire zone
Your God and King is with you
But you'll fuckin' die alone

Medals, salutes, uniforms and eyes-left
Promotion, honour, glory then death

War Machine
War Machine

Composição: Quorthon · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Ismene
Traduzida por Abaddon
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