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Black And White Unite

Belle And Sebastian

In the summer, all the hikers hike out for the highest peaks
All the children watch the cricket and they never wash for weeks
In the suburbs, young protestors write "Black And White United"
They're tearing up the streets
I'm in love with every girl I meet
The gasman loves the street
He loves to drill
He loves to think about his girl
The sun is melting half the street

In the summer, all the workers head out for the Sandy beach
Stay together in all weather
Entertainment through your grief
Communities of predjudices travel on the train
The upperclass will have to pass the chance up of a knees-up with the gang
Your record profits will buy you an island

There's a jigsaw with a picture, all the country as a map
Kiers hiking, cyclers cycling, if I go I'm not coming back
I'm all in love with all the girls I meet, the hardcore summer kind
Kitchen porters, budding painters, whiskey touring guides

In the rain, all your plans will fade
You'll be left with the jigsaw

Composição: Sabe quem é o compositor? Envie pra gente.
Enviada por Nodless
Traduzida por Isabela
Legendado por corujatiada
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