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Pray That Our Love Sees The Dawn

Ben Harper

Silence is the hammer of betrayal
Upon love's coffin for the final nail
Disguised as one another for so long now
I try to be myself but I forget how

Pray that our love sees the dawn
Pray that our love sees the dawn
My last line of defense is gone
Pray that our love sees the dawn

Homeless family stands outside the church house
Trying so hard to believe
Desperately waiting for an answer
To the candle they lit to add their grief

Pray that our love sees the dawn
Pray that our love sees the dawn
The conspiracy of whispers are not wrong
Pray that our love sees the dawn

Pray that it goes for my pain
Pray that it echo for the sound of my name
And if our love was just a burning flame
We could melt away all of our blame

Pray that our love sees the dawn
Pray that our love sees the dawn
we've knocked our bones together for so long
Pray that our love sees the dawn

Pray that our love sees the dawn
Pray that our love sees the dawn
Our last line of defense is gone
Pray that our love sees the dawn

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