Cycle Of Abuse


Treated unfairly, you resent everybody that has so much
Of the things in life that were taken away from you.
So wrapped up in your misery, you never feel the love that surrounds you,
So wrapped up in your misery, you never notice that life passed you by.

You've waited all your life for the pain to go away
Lock yourself inside a world that makes you hate.

Left it all alone, ignored by the one you need attention from
For the things in life you never achieved on your own.
He can't be bothered to care for you, to hold and respect and be there for you,
He can't be a real father to you, some day he'll regret all time that went by.

You've waited all your life for the pain to go away
And I've always hated to see you hurt inside.
So much I try to help but you push me away,
Lock yourself inside a world that makes you hate
Locked inside a world of hate.

Beaten down for as long as you remember
Your life was analyzed, criticized and dismembered
Your hopes and dreams were discouraged and severed
the pain you've endured, the suffering you've weathered
You find it so hard to pull yourself together
To face the world to your fears you surrender,
You dream of a day you'll overcome and sever,
The cycle of abuse and the pain you've carried forever.

You're not alone, there's so many others that care for you,
So many things in our lives you helped us all get through
It means so much to me that you're here to share in my life
And calm my tears, it means so much to me that you're alive,
As you hold my child and wipe the tears from your eyes.

Composição: Biohazard · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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