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Little Girl Lies


She loves you right now, so don't close your eyes.
She'll be talking and laughing with six other guys.
Flirtatious and cute, she'll take you the route telling "littlegirl" lies.
He loves her so much.
He don't wanna loose her.
And there's no other girl he likes to ball better.
But he's busy tonight.
"We'll make it tomorrow".
He's telling his "little girl" lies.
That's how the little girl lies.
He's telling his little girl lies!
Those "little girl" lies gonna catch up to you and you'll besorry!
Making excuses why she can't meet you later.
She's not really ill, someone else got to date her!
Mixed up and confused, it'll catch up to you.
Telling "little girl" lies.
They tell the "little girl" lies.
He's telling his little girl lies.
That's how your little girl lies.
She's been telling you "little girl" lies.
That's how his little girl lies.
She been telling him "little girl" lies.
Those "little girl" lies gonna catch up to you and you'll besorry!
Boo hoo!
Boo hoo!

In The Flesh

Darlin' darlin' darlin', I can't wait to see you.
Your picture ain't enough.
I can't wait to touch you in the flesh.
Darlin' darlin' darlin', I can't wait to hear you.
Remembering your love is nothing without you in the flesh.
Went walking one day on the lower east side.
Met you with a girlfriend. You were so divine!
She said, "Hands off this one sweetie, this boy is mine."
I couldn't resist you - I'm not deaf, dumb, and blind.
Darlin' darlin' darlin', now you're out of town.
Those girls that you run with, they bring my head down.
Ooh Darlin' darlin', watch out if I see you!
'Cause if you say hello, it'll mean you wanna see me in theflesh.
Ooh warm and soft, in the flesh.
Ooh close and hot, in the flesh.

Look Good In Blue

You look good in blue.
It matches your skin, your eyes dripping with pain.
Someone like you, getting off on the lies 'cause it dulls yoursurprise again.
If it's alright with you, I could give you some head
and shoulders to lie on.
You look good in blue.
I know what you mean when you say you've seen the end.
Someone like you, been at it again, you knew what was up in theend.
If it's alright with you, I could give you some head
and shoulders to lie on.
Throw your weight on me baby.
Don't complain on me baby.
Escape in me, next to me.
I'm tired, always tired and I got not place to sleep.
Don't mind dividing down the line.
Can't say that I'm complaining 'cause I got no place to play,yeah.
Don't mind dividing down the line.
You look good in blue.
It matches your skin, your eyes dripping with pain.
If it's alright with you, I could give you some head
and shoulders to lie on.
Yes, I could give you some head
and shoulders to lie on.

Composição: Debbie Harry · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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