I wanna lose myself in love
Let you have me completely, yeah yeah
If I give u all my trust,
Can I just let me go, can I not be afraid
To let you find my way
Cause' when you find someone that means so much to you
Givin' all you´ve got is easy to do

Just fall, don't be afraid
Fall, to stammer my way, fall, to stammer my fate
Just, fall, it will be ok, Fall, There's no other way
Fall, fall (in love) [x2]

I'm ready to fall
Fall, fall, fall
Fall, fall, fall

So I find myself right here
About to lean over the edge
In your arms I have no fear
There is no safer place than here in your embrace
So catch me if I fall

Just fall, don't be afraid
Fall, to stammer my way, fall, to stammer my fate
Just, fall, it will be ok, Fall, There's no other way
Fall, fall (in love) [x2]

Fall [x8]

It's not easy giving up trust, yeah
And aren't you scared a little bit?
Then your heart is questioning if you could really handle it
don't wanna fall alone
So, will you catch me? (Catch me)
Save me? (Save me)
And tell me I'll be safe right here
And if are you the one that's scared
So, baby come and fall right here

Just fall (oh)
Fall, fall
In love
Fall, fall (oh fall)
Fall in love (I wanna fall in love)

Just fall, don't be afraid
Fall, to stammer my way, fall, to stammer my fate
Just, fall, it will be ok, Fall, There's no other way
Fall, fall (in love)

Fall, fall, fall
Fall, fall, fall
Fa-fa-fall [x2]

In love, in love, in love
In love
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Composição: LaShawn Daniels / Natasha Bedingfield / Brandy Norwood / Brian Seals / Brandy Norwood / Brian Seals / LaShawn Daniels / Natasha Bedingfield · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Rafael
Traduzida por João
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