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Wishful Thinking

Céline Dion

(Dan Hill)

When I sleep through the night
I always dream that we are back together
Must be wishful thinking
Then I wake up alone
The bed seems oh so empty I start sinking
Through waves of wishful thinking

I was the one who said I needed room to breathe
You were the one who said that love was meant for you and me
I was afraid to give too much

Oh girl..
You gave the world to me
Every time we touched

When I wake late at night
I reach for your shoulder
Come up empty
Don't know what I was dreaming
Then I whisper your name
All I hear's the sound of my heart sinking
Is it only wishful thinking?

So soft your sigh, so sweet your lips
When we made love
Didn't know how happy, girl, you made me
Till you were gone

Didn't see the warning signs you gave
How could I let you go

I'd give a lifetime just to have you one more day
Is it only wishful thinking?
Tell me I'm not dreaming
Or maybe you'll come back one day

Is it only wishful thinking?
Only wishful thinking
Maybe you'll come back to stay
Come back baby

When the night starts to fall
I swear I hear your breathing in the darkness
I could spend my whole life dreaming

Ooh.. How our bodies would burn
One on one, I ache for your return

Don't let my heart keep sinking..
Is it only wishful thinking?
Don't let my heart keep sinking
Or maybe you'll come back one day

Someone tell me
Is it only wishful thinking?
Or maybe you'll come back to stay
You can stay

When I sleep through the night
I always dream that we are back together
This is only wishful thinking

Composição: Dan Hill · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Alan
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  145. With This Tear
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  32. Sous Le Vent
  33. Rolling In The Deep
  34. Voler (feat. Michel Sardou)
  35. Que Toi Au Monde
  36. Tant de Temps
  37. I'm Your Angel (duet with R. Kelly)
  38. How Do You Keep the Music Playing?
  39. Mon Pays
  40. Benjamin
  41. Comme Un Coeur Froid
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  43. Ecoutez-moi
  44. Elle
  45. Grand Maman
  46. Hello Mister Sam
  47. J'ai Besoin D'un Chum
  48. J'Ai Vu Maman Embrasser Le Père Noël
  49. Je Danse Dans Ma Tête
  50. L'abandon
  51. L'amour Viendra
  52. La Dodo La Do
  53. La Religieuse
  54. Le Piano Fantôme
  55. Le Tour Du Monde
  56. Les Oiseaux Du Bonheur
  57. Papillon
  58. Plus Haut Que Moi
  59. Quelqu'un que j'aime, quelqu'un qui m'aime
  60. Seul un oiseau blanc
  61. Sur le même bateau
  62. Tous les blues sont écrits pour toi
  63. Tu restes avec moi
  64. Une colombe
  65. A Promenade In Sledge
  66. These Are The Special Times
  67. Don't Save It All For Christmas Day
  68. Unison
  69. Love by another name
  70. Naked
  71. Forget Me Not
  72. Show Some Emotion
  73. Love Still Exists (Aun Existe Amor )
  74. If Love Is Out Of The Question
  75. The Last To Know
  76. Have A Heart
  77. Les Uns Contre Les Autres
  78. All The Blues Are Written For You
  79. Alone Once Again
  80. Around Me
  81. Around The World
  82. Be The Man
  83. Blue Christmas
  84. Coutez-moi
  85. Days Of Fever
  86. Would I Know
  87. Celine Et Pinotte
  88. Chante-Moi
  89. Dis-Moi Si Je T'aime
  90. Finale (La Premiere Fois)
  91. Les Enfants Oublies
  92. Ouverture (La Premiere Fois)
  93. Père Noël Arrive Ce Soir
  94. Petit Papa Noel
  95. Pour Vous
  96. Pourquoi Je Crois Encore Au Pere Noel
  97. Sainte Nuit
  98. Tu Es La
  99. Un Enfant
  100. Virginie... Roman D'amour
  101. Vivre Et Donner
  102. What A Feeling
  103. Your Light
  104. Mamy Blue
  105. Noël Blanc
  106. À Paris
  107. Aren't they all our children
  108. Cent Mille Chanson
  109. Chattanooga Choo Choo
  110. Cry Just a Little
  111. Encore Et Encore
  112. Hello Mego
  113. Here We Are
  114. Love You Blind
  115. Quand On S'aime
  116. Zora smiles
  117. You're My Heart, You're My Soul
  118. You Pass Through a Mirror
  119. Up Where We Belong
  120. Cacaphonie (Le Chanson Des Restos)
  121. Hand In Hand
  122. Hommage a Felix LeClerc
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  124. Ma Chambre
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  127. Twist And Shout
  128. Tous les secrets
  129. Cheri Cheri Lady
  130. Sexy Sexy Lover
  131. You Are Not Alone
  132. When We Only Have Love
  133. White Christmas
  134. Santa Claus Is Coming
  135. She
  136. So Much Love I Have For You
  137. Sunshine In the Heart
  138. The Birds of Happiness
  139. Help
  140. Holy Night
  141. Hymn To Friendship
  142. Listen To Me
  143. Don't Pity Me
  144. Earth
  145. Introduction
  146. La Mémoire d'Abraham
  147. Michael's Ballad
  148. Mlanie
  149. My Room
  150. On The Same Boat
  151. Oxygne
  152. Rain,tax
  153. Superman's Son
  154. The Nun
  155. The Magic Of Christmas Day (God Bless Us Everyone)
  156. Incognito
  157. New Dawn
  158. Skies of L.A.
  159. Right Next To The Right One
  160. Là-Bas (Somewhere)
  161. Bad
  162. Earth song
  163. We Are The World (25 for Haiti)
  164. Brûlle Pas Tes Doigts
  165. It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World
  166. Ziggy (English Version)
  167. Y'a Pas De Mots
  168. Man In The Mirror
  169. L'immensité
  170. Imagine
  171. Nobody Does It Better
  172. Mr. Paganini
  173. Dis Moi Si Je T' Aime
  174. All B
  175. Acadian Driftwood (Duet With Richard Zachary)
  176. Superlove
  177. La do do la do
  178. I've Got The Music In Me
  179. On Traverse Un Miroir
  180. This Was All I Could Find
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