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Mister Cellophane


If someone stood up in a crowd
And raised his voice up way out loud
And waved his arm
And shook his leg
You'd notice him
If someone in a movie show
Yelled "fire in the second row,
This whole place is a powder keg!"
You'd notice him
And even without clucking like a hen
Everyone gets noticed, now and then,
Unless, of course, that personage should be
Invisible, inconsequential me

Mister Cellophane
Should have been my name
Mister Cellophane
Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me
And never know I'm there
I tell ya
Mister Cellophane
Should have been my name
Mister Cellophane
Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me
And never know I'm there

Suppose you was a little cat
Residin' in a person's flat
Who fed you fish and scratched your ears
You'd notice him
Suppose you was a woman wed
And sleepin' in a double bed beside one man for seven years
You'd notice him
A human being's made of more than air
With all that bulk, you're bound to see him there
Unless that human bein' next to you
Is unimpressive, undistinquished
You know who

Should have been my name
Mister Cellophane
Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me
And never know I"m there
I tell ya
Mister Cellophane
Should have been my name
Mister Cellophane
Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me
And never know I'm there
Never even know I'm there

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