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Cum Stains On The Pillow

David Allan Coe

She went away and left me

Oh she never said a word
And even if she would have told me
I probably never would have heard
Well she once said no other woman honey
Could lay up in her bed

Noe theres cum stains on the pillow
Where she once laid her head
Cum stains on the pillow
In the middle of the bed

I found me a true fine momma
And she got some damn good head
But i hope shes out there listening
To every word i said

Cause theres cum stains on the pillow
Where she once laid her head
(play it now guitar solo)

Here now when she took my cadilliac
That didnt bother me abit
When she took that blue tick hound
She shouldnt ever done that shit

Never thought id see the day
Her love would be as dead
As the cum stains on the pillow
Where she once laid her head

Cum stains on the pillow
In the middle of the bed
Found me a too fine momma
And shes got some damn good head

I hope your out there listening
To every word i said
Cause there cum stains on the pillow
Where you once laid your head

Yes theres cum stains on the pillow
In the middle of bed

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