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She Needs Someone To Hold Her (when She Cries)

Conway Twitty

Lord she needs someone to hold her when she cries

She packed her few belongings left a note and now she's gone
And I can't stand to think of her out there so all alone
As soon as she's gone for enough to know she's out of sight
She'll pull off the highway and she'll cry

And she needs someone to hold her when she cries
Someone who really understands the way she feels inside
When her heart breaks the tears won't stop no matter how she tries
And she needs someone to hold her when she cries

I don't blame her for leaving Lord she didn't want to go
But she thinks I don't love her or I need her anymore
I've driven her into a world as dark and cold as ice
With no one there to hold her when she cries

And she needs someone to hold her when she cries
Someone who really understands the way she feels inside
And if she ever loves again I hope that she will find
Someone who always hold her when she cries

Composição: Ray Smith · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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  104. Window Up Above
  105. Wine
  106. Wine Me Up
  107. Working Girl
  108. World Of Forgotten People
  109. Wound Time Can't Erase
  110. You And Your Sweet Love
  111. You Blow My Mind (the Color Of Love)
  112. You Done Lost Your Baby
  113. You Know Just What I'd Do
  114. You Lay So Easy On My Mind
  115. You Love The Best Out Of Me
  116. You Make It Hard To Take The Easy Way Out
  117. You're The Reason
  118. You've Never Been This Far Before
  119. Yours To Hurt Tomorrow
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  122. Don't Cry Daddy (with Kathy Twitty )
  123. Each Season Changes You
  124. Even The Bad Times Are Good
  125. I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today
  126. I've Been Around Enough To Know
  127. I've Just Destroyed The World
  128. I've Just Got To Know
  129. It's Not Love (but It's Not Bad)
  130. Julie
  131. My Woman Knows
  132. She Needs Someone To Hold Her (when She Cries)
  133. She's a Woman All The Way
  134. Sweet Memories
  135. That's All She Wrote
  136. Why Not Tonight
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  138. Cheatin' Fire
  139. Hearts
  140. I Made You a Woman
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  154. Rest Your Love On Me
  155. We're Gonna Try It Tonight
  156. When The Feeling's Right
  157. You'll Be Back (every Night In My Dreams)
  158. Smoke From a Distant Fire
  159. Soulful Woman
  160. Turn On Your Love Light
  161. We've Got Tonight
  162. Short On Love Too Long
  163. Touch The Hand
  164. Before The Next Teardrop Falls
  165. I Sure Hate To See Me Go
  166. I'll Live In Dreams Of Loving You Again
  167. I'm Goin' Crazy And She's Just Goin'
  168. It Keeps Right On a Hurtin'
  169. Sally Was a Good Ole Girl
  170. She's Some Kind Of Wonderful
  171. I Can't Believe She Gives It All To Me
  172. Memphis Tennessee
  173. Song For Ruby
  174. Wolverton Mountain
  175. I Can't Help It If She Can't Stop Loving Me
  176. One In a Million
  177. Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues
  178. Unchained Melody
  179. She's Got A Single Thing In Mind
  180. She's Got A Man On Her Mind
  181. She's All I Got
  182. She Only Meant To Use Him
  183. Skip A Rope
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  2. Sing Me Back Home
  3. Silent Partner
  4. Snake Boots
  5. Somebody Lied
  6. Somebody's Needin Somebody
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  8. Sweet Sweet Spirit
  9. Sweet Georgia Brown
  10. Suppertime
  11. Such A Night
  12. Store Up Love
  13. Steal Away
  14. Steady As She Goes
  15. Splish Splash
  16. Southern Comfort
  17. Something Strange Got Into Her Last Night
  18. Sorry
  19. Final Touches
  20. C'est Si Bon
  21. Cheatin' Fire Is Gonna Get Higher
  22. Don't Call Him a Cowboy
  23. I'm Not Through Loving You Yet
  24. The Games That Daddies Play
  25. The Letter
  26. Walk On By
  27. Baby I'm-a Want You
  28. Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On
  29. A Stranger's Point Of View
  30. Almighty Power
  31. All I Can Be Is a Sweet Memory
  32. Above And Beyond (The Call Of Love)
  33. Jason's Farm
  34. Jambalaya
  35. I Was The First
  36. I Vibrate
  37. I Think I'm In Love
  38. I Need Your Lovin'
  39. I Hurt Her More Than She Loves Me
  40. I Hurt For You
  41. I Hope, I Think, I Wish
  42. I Don't Remember Going Crazy
  43. I Don't Mind
  44. I Don't Love You
  45. I Can Hear My Heart Break
  46. I Can't Love You Enough
  47. I Almost Lost My Mind
  48. I've Never Had It Bad
  49. It Turns Me Inside Out
  50. It's Too Late
  51. It's Time To Pay The Fiddler
  52. It's Such a Heartache
  53. In My Eyes
  54. In My Dreams
  55. In Loving Memories
  56. I'm Used To Losing You
  57. I'm Tired Of Being Something
  58. I'm The Only Thing
  59. I'm The Man In The Song
  60. I'm For Awhile
  61. If I Didn't Love You
  62. If We Want Love To Last
  63. If You Can't Write The Music
  64. I'd Still Play The Fool
  65. I'd Rather Have What We Had
  66. Hang Up The Phone
  67. Handy Man
  68. Hallelujah, I Love Her So
  69. Halfway To Heaven
  70. House On Old Lonesome Road
  71. Hey Miss Ruby
  72. Hey Little Lucy!
  73. Heavenly
  74. Heart's Breakin' All Over Town
  75. Heartbreak Hotel
  76. Heartaches By The Number
  77. Green Eyes
  78. Grand Old Blues
  79. Got My Mojo Working
  80. Good Love Died Tonight
  81. Girl From Tupelo
  82. Girl At The Bar
  83. From Seven 'til Ten
  84. Fraulein
  85. Fool I've Been Today
  86. Folsom Prison Blues
  87. Foggy River
  88. Fit To Be Tied Down
  89. Fifteen To Forty-Three
  90. Fallin' For You For Years
  91. Except For You
  92. Every Time I Think It's Over
  93. Everyone Has Someone They Can't Forget
  94. Even Now
  95. Eternal Tears
  96. Easy To Fall In Love
  97. Dy-No-Mite
  98. Dream Maker
  99. Don't You Dare Let Me Down
  100. Don't It Make You Lonely
  101. Don't It Feel Good
  102. Donna's Dream
  103. Dim Light Thick Smoke And Loud Loud
  104. Diana
  105. Darling Days
  106. Cry Baby Heart
  107. Crazy In Love
  108. Crazy Dreams
  109. Comfy 'n Cozy
  110. Cold, Cold Heart
  111. Clown
  112. Close Enough To Love
  113. Clinging To a Saving Hand
  114. City Lights
  115. Child With Child
  116. Call It What You Want To
  117. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
  118. Born To Sing The Blues
  119. Blue Moon
  120. Blue Kentucky Girl
  121. Blue Is The Way I Feel
  122. Big Town
  123. Because You Love Me
  124. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms
  125. Riverboat Gamblers
  126. Right In The Palm Of Your Hand
  127. Restless
  128. Reelin' And a Rockin'
  129. Rainy Night In Georgia
  130. Pure Love
  131. Private Part Of My Heart
  132. Portrait Of a Fool
  133. Pledging My Love
  134. Platinum High School
  135. Pieces Of You
  136. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
  137. Only Love Can Make Her Stay
  138. One On One
  139. One Bridge I Didn't Burn
  140. One And Only You
  141. One's On The Way
  142. No Relief In Sight
  143. Not Enough Love To Go 'round
  144. Note
  145. Twitty Nobody
  146. Need You So
  147. My Heart Cries
  148. My Babe
  149. My Adobe Hacienda
  150. Mister Jones
  151. Me And My Neighbor
  152. Making Believe
  153. Lovin' What Your Lovin' Does To Me
  154. Love And Only Love
  155. Lost In The Feeling
  156. Looking Back
  157. Long Tall Texan
  158. Twitty Lonely Town
  159. Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
  160. Little Piece Of My Heart
  161. Life's Too Short
  162. Let The Pretty Lady Dance
  163. Let The Good Times Roll
  164. Keep On Chasin' Rainbows
  165. Just When I Needed You Most
  166. Just The Thought Of Losing You
  167. Just In Time
  168. Jesus Is a Soul Man
  169. Jenny's Souvenirs
  170. Twitty First Things First
  171. Twitty Fever
  172. She Knows Me Like a Book
  173. She Can Only See The Good In Me
  174. She's Mine
  175. She's In Love
  176. She's Got You
  177. Shadow Of A Distant Friend
  178. Sentimental Journey
  179. Sensitive Heart
  180. Send Her To Me
  181. Sand Covered Angels
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