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Bulldog (Música Inédita)

Counting Crows

Hey now bulldog
dont you rush in
with your eyes wild
hey there big bear
take a moment
to decide
All these angels together
walk the wire line
scarecrow angels
says the bulldog
with a smile

they catch you in a corner
shut your eyes
they come at you at night
they catch you in a corner
shut your eyes
they come at you at night
One less bell to warn you..
One more chance to say goodbye
I dont I dont I dont think
I understand you..
dont really think I do
I dont I dont I dont
..think I understand you
dont really think I do

Hey Louise whats the barrier
between love and need?
How far is it from love underneath
What are you supposed to mean to me
what do you mean to me?

they catch you in a corner shut your eyes
they come at you at night
they catch you in a corner
shut your eyes
they come at you at night
one less bell to warn ya one more song to play..

Im going back to california
your gonna get your chance to say goodbye
Hey mathew, is anybody mean to you
and dont you harbor points of view
secretly believe in your doom
I dont think I understand you
I dont really think I do
I dont think I understand you
I dont really think I do

Well ya got One less bell to warn ya
One more song to play
Im going back to California
gonna get your chance to say goodbye
One less bell to warn ya, one more chance to say goodbye...

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