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Mexican Rap

Cypress Hill

Es la vida quatro vente pistos pointed
Botella empty first ten rows annointed
The fiesta's poppin and all fingers pointed
Irie eyed vatos got the whole crowd jointed
Check in with Ives catch me squintin know why
I came be let my word fly keep the gleam in your eye
Con mucho drum roll on time let the horn blow
Gas to the pedal like metal at a Korn show
The rhyme rocka with a shit load of placas
Grab the mic and freak the rhythm till there's no more vavas
Still mi palabras fade all boo's and ha ha's
That includes all who go sissy la la
So do the cha cha rucca call me poppa
Huero came for action hun until manana
Down for hi-hat crash and whiplash
City nights bright lights and herb stash..


Verse 2
Que ondas mucho arriba las manos
Gavacho, Moreno penetra tu barrio
Lacing you with rolas that will rock back frente
RRRRRR, Blacxican esto para la gente
Like chanclaso deep like fregadaso
Still got the Coke and Rum and flex the brasos
Then I hit you from a different angle
Leg sweep cheap shot bird s**t straight cop
Soy el twin pistollero guerrero don't be afraid of that
Matter of fact I got like 10,000 maniacs
In the crowd on a very good night
But keep it hype for a fraction of that to get the fery like that
Chronica en el aire todos quieren vile
Plus my sick Latin sty'le
Quile chuecko as they come
I could feel the drum don't know the words, well you can hum...


Verse 3
Oye muneca ya mueve la cadera
Sobre el ritmo y las trompetas
Feel the beat kick hard como escopeta
Vatos on the prowl for the hoochie lookin fresca
All you delincuentes vengan para en frente
Haste para atras si tu eres muy desente
Cause I'm chueco bent contact the hierba
Lo que sera sera cuando yo vuelva
A little sontin gets your eyes burnt head turnt
Pupils tight back stiff and your neck hurt and then you exert
Check the vibe who got more freaky than Ives
I survive, dodgin hurra tryin to shoot I
So I mueva smooth creep and crawl
Take out another batch let it thaw and lace y'all
Won't take fall this here is winner take all
Trick take a flick of the click here to face y'all


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