Señorita (Speedy Mix)

Dance Dance Revolution

I'll be your dancing flower
Dancing I'll be your dancing senorita, oh..

Tell me
If it's gonna be the same old story
You can't play with me this time so take me
Cause I wanna be your senorita (senorita...)

Don't go
Can't you see that I'm so hot for your love
Boy you gotta get the chance to try me
I'll be just for you "la mas bonita" (mas bonita...)

I wanna feel your silky touch on me
I'm not afraid of what can be
Don't give up the pleasure cause I'm your own
Honey don't leave me alone

I'll be your dancing flower
Dancing flower
Dancing I'll be your dancing senorita
Da-dancing flower
Dancing flower
Dancing I'll be your dancing senorita
Da-dancing flower
Dancing flower
Dancing I'll be your dancing senorita
Da-dancing flower
Dancing flower
Dancing I'll be your dancing senorita, oh..

[Dance, da-da-dance...]

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