Crawl Across Your Killing Floor


seen a lot of bad
seen a lot of cold
seen a lot of starving
seen a lot of old
seen a lot of death
in my life

seen a lot of tears
heard a lot of crying
seen a lot of pain
see it all the time

seen a lot of things
seen a lot of dying
seen a lot of heartache
seen a lot of grief
seen a lot of misery
come to make 'em bleed

seen a lot of holy
seen a lot of damned

seen the children hurt
by the preacher man

seen a lot of killing
seen a lot of dead
bloody winter coming
rivers running red

I don't wanna crawl 'cross your killing floor

seen a lot of sin
seen a lot of cold
all I ever wanted
was a free soul
seen a lot of hatred
since the dawn of time
seen a dead man walking
heard a lot of crying

I don't wanna crawl 'cross your killing floor [repeat]

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