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I was driving through the night
Into an endless tunnel of fog
When it dawned on me something was wrong
I was in a trance, hypnotised
Bored beyond belief
I was listening to the same old song
I know every lick, every word
Every nuance
I'm on first name terms with the crew
But I'd better get used to this poop du jour
Sure as hell they won't play anything new

Oh yes I love you really
Classic Rock Radio
Oh my dear it's time for bed
Time for you to go
Everyone is asleep

The pirates took to the water stole the charts
But sadly that didn't go down well with those upstairs
Who require loyalty
The establishment considered
That the uncontrolled appreciation of music
Was a danger to royalty
The mighty empire roared
As Cash 'n' Everitt on the high seas
Looked like they'd get blown out of the water
They did of course eventually come ashore
As meek as mice or to be more accurate
As lambs to the slaughter

Oh yes I love you really
I stand to attention
Oh Fanny, I love you dearly
Something else I should mention?
You sweet thing

Let's not talk about MTV
I don't even want to start
I want to take a look at Classic Rock Radio
We're talking about the state of the art

Mr. Grover 'n' Mr Gillian
You musta made a million
The night that Frank Zappa caught on fire
Could you tell us all about it
Keep it short and use my version
Or everyone out there'll think I'm a liar
We can speak about bananas for one second
Just because I understand
You have to get them off your chest
But in the meantime while your talking
Could you do some more of these here ID's
And then this station might maintain some interest

Oh yes I love you dearly
But why do you exist?
Oh yes I love you really
Is there something that I missed?

Composição: Don Airey / Ian Gillan / Ian Paice / Roger Glover / Júlio Borges · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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  1. Smoke On The Water
  2. Perfect Strangers
  3. Highway Star
  4. Burn
  5. Soldier Of Fortune
  6. Child In Time
  7. Black Night
  8. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
  9. When A Blind Man Cries
  10. Mistreated
  11. Hush
  12. Knocking At Your Back Door
  13. Strange Kind Of Woman
  14. Lazy
  15. Stormbringer
  16. Sail Away
  17. Love Conquers All
  18. Space Truckin'
  19. Fireball
  20. Maybe I'm A Leo
  21. You Keep On Moving
  22. Pictures Of Home
  23. Never Before
  24. Demon's Eye
  25. Anya
  26. The Gypsy
  27. Speed King
  28. The Battle Rages On
  29. Woman From Tokyo
  30. King Of Dreams
  31. Lay Down, Stay Down
  32. Love Is All (feat Ronnie James Dio)
  33. Holy Man
  34. Might Just Take Your Life
  35. Fools
  36. Money Talks
  37. Into The Fire
  38. Anyone's Daughter
  39. Bloodsucker
  40. Lalena
  41. No No No
  42. You Fool No One
  43. Love Don't Mean A Thing
  44. Wasted Sunsets
  45. This Time Around
  46. Hungry Daze
  47. All The Time In The World
  48. Anthem
  49. Comin' home
  50. Love Child
  51. A Gypsy's Kiss
  52. Bad Attitude
  53. Mary Long
  54. Lady Luck
  55. Solitaire
  56. Loosen My Strings
  57. Lady Double Dealer
  58. Haunted
  59. Hey Joe
  60. Flight Of The Rat
  61. Hard Lovin' Man
  62. Cry Free
  63. I'm Alone
  64. A Simple Song
  65. And The Address
  66. Pictured Within
  67. Gettin' Tighter
  68. Our Lady
  69. Any Fule Kno That
  70. Dead Or Alive
  71. Hold On
  72. Ted The Mechanic
  73. April
  74. Clearly Quite Absurd
  75. Hallelujah
  76. A Touch Away
  77. In The Still of the Night
  78. The Cut Runs Deep
  79. One More Rainy Day
  1. I Need Love
  2. Living Wreck
  3. No One Came
  4. Don't Make Me Happy
  5. Fingers To The Bone
  6. She Was
  7. Somebody Stole My Guitar
  8. Talk About Love
  9. The Aviator
  10. The Unwritten Law
  11. Time To Kill
  12. What's Goin' On Here
  13. Rapture Of The Deep
  14. Wrong Man
  15. Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic
  16. Exposition/ We Can Work It Out
  17. Listen, Learn, Read On
  18. We Can Work It Out
  19. Mandrake Root
  20. Love Help Me
  21. Doing It Tonight
  22. Rat Bat Blue
  23. Wild Dogs
  24. A Castle Full Of Rascals
  25. Bananas
  26. Cascades: I'm Not Your Lover
  27. Fortuneteller
  28. High Ball Shooter
  29. Mad Dog
  30. Mean Streak
  31. Painted Horse
  32. Picture Of Innocence
  33. Silver Tongue
  34. Strangeways
  35. Blind
  36. Money
  37. Don't Let Go
  38. Lucille
  39. Shadows
  40. Help!
  41. Black Magic Woman
  42. I've Got Your Number
  43. Kentucky Woman
  44. I'm So Glad
  45. Place In Line
  46. Smooth Dancer
  47. The Mule
  48. '69
  49. A Twist In The Tale
  50. Almost Human
  51. Call Of The Wild
  52. Chasing Shadows
  53. Hey Cisco
  54. Lick It Up
  55. Loosen My Stringes
  56. Nobody's Home
  57. Not Responsable
  58. Ramshackle Man
  59. Truth Hurts
  60. Under The Gun
  61. Watching The Sky
  62. You Can't Do It Right (With One You Love)
  63. Bird Has Flown
  64. Say you love me
  65. Why Didn't Rosemary?
  66. Oh No No No
  67. Things I Never Said
  68. Sitting a Dream
  69. Alcatraz
  70. First Movement: Moderato-allegro
  71. Contact Lost
  72. Son Of Alerik
  73. You can't do it right (with the one you love)
  74. Paint It Black
  75. Hell To Pay
  76. Weirdistan
  77. Vincent Price
  78. Out Of Hand
  79. Wring That Neck
  1. Après Vous
  2. Blood From a Stone
  3. Above And Beyond
  4. I've Got Number
  5. House Of Pain
  6. Shield
  7. Wait a While
  8. Dealer
  9. Drifter
  10. Freedom
  11. Super Trouper
  12. Black & White
  13. Evil Louie
  14. Hard Lovin' Woman
  15. Jack Ruby
  16. Nasty Piece Of Work
  17. Never a Word
  18. One Man's Meat
  19. Razzle Dazzle
  20. Rosa's Cantina
  21. Seventh Heaven
  22. Soon Forgotten
  23. Sun Goes Down
  24. The Purpendicular Waltz
  25. Too Much Is Not Enough
  26. Walk On
  27. Whatsername
  28. Wicked Ways
  29. Back To Back
  30. MTV
  31. Change
  32. Speed Of Light
  33. Run Like Hell
  34. First Day Jam (instrumental)
  35. Owed to 'G'
  36. Hey Bop A Re Bop
  37. It's All Over
  38. Oh No No No
  39. A200
  40. It'll Be Me
  41. Uncommon Man
  42. First Sign Of Madness
  43. River Deep, Mountain High
  44. Breakfast In Bed
  45. Don't Hold Your Breath
  46. Fire In The Basement
  47. Mitzi Dupree
  48. The Spanish Archer
  49. Touch Away
  50. The Orange Juice Song
  51. The Painter
  52. Before Time Began
  53. Girls Like That
  54. Junkyard Blues
  55. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
  56. Slow Down Sister
  57. Fire Ice And Dynamite
  58. Emmaretta
  59. Second Movement: Andante
  60. Hey Bop A Re Bop
  61. It's All Over
  62. Slow Train
  63. Long Time Gone
  64. Fox on the Run
  65. Georgia On My Mind
  66. Grabsplatter
  67. Fault Line
  68. Black And White
  69. Coronarias Redig
  70. Jam Stew (unreleased Instrumental)
  71. Son Of Aleric
  72. Third Movement: Vivace - Presto
  73. You keep on moving (take one)
  74. Sitting In A Dream
  75. Never Before (trudução)
  76. Not Responsible
  77. Playground
  78. Bodyline
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