Lock Up The Wolves


In the houses of the holy
To the middle of the mystic sea
At the cradle of the world

There's a black cat screaming
And it's not even midnight, no
At the cradle of the world

They're screaming for sanctuary
They're screaming at you
Lock up the wolves
Lock up the wolves, yeah, yeah, yeah

Now there's a cloud over heaven
And a pain out of paradise
In your corner of the world

Turn your back on the children
Does it feel like it's colder
In your corner of the world

They're screaming for sanctuary
They're screaming at you
Lock up the wolves
Lock up the wolves...

Don't you let'em get away
Lock up the wolves before you play
Or it's over
Lock up the wolves
Don't you let'em get away
Don't you let'em get away

There's no back door to heaven
Just a front door to hell, oh
In this corner of the world

Now if you turn your back on the children
Don't you feel it getting colder
In your corner of the world

They're screaming for sanctuary
They're screaming at you
Lock up the wolves
Lock up the wolves...

Composição: Jimmy Bain / Ronnie James Dio / Rowan Robertson · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Ismene
Traduzida por Victor
3.702 exibições
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