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Light Speed

Dr. Dre

[Dr. Dre]
Hey, yo whassup?
My name is Dre
Can I blaze some Chonic witchu?

Nigga what? FO' SHO'!
Roll that shit up!

[Dr. Dre]
Hell yeah, still "Alwayz Into Somethin'"
Heart still in Compton
The comp can't oppose, dope Cali platinum classicals
Introduced you to my Doggs, that don't love hoes
and Firm Fiascoes - assholes
Fucked you up with my last video, tuxed up
doin a tango..
And cash, always in my grasp
Came up in the game wearin khakis not kangols, stranglin hoes
When asked about it in most interviews I just laugh
Now I vacate with hoes with a gang of ass
One feed me mangoes, the other lightin my hash
Rap tabloids write Dre's light in the ass (what?)
Came home uptight, ready to mash
like a gas pedal, get on that sixty-four Chevy level
AK-47 heavy metal
Who say Dre ain't ghetto? Just whistle like a tea kettle
I throw three at you, tell me if you see devils
cause we rebels over here, I smell Chronic in the air
that means we takin over this year
You hear?

[girl] Chronic, two-thousand, "ONE! {*echoes*}" --> KRS-One
[Dre] That means we takin over this year, ya hear?

Light Speed, blazin Chronic through the galaxy
Hydro, doja, chocolate thai weed
Or we might be sippin on gin or Hennessey
Fuck that, where that new shit, The Chronic Iced Teas

I hang among hustlers, I slang and hoo-bang Bronson
when bustaz roll through, can't fuck with my bold crew
We will hold you captive and bust
cause gangbangin is the active, activity
where I be livin B, there ain't no Liberty Statue
Hope you got your gat, don't let them catch you
slippin, without yours, it's warfare outdoors
Ambulance, violent uproars
Trash niggaz takin out like chores I meet whores on tours
Jeans hot as pepper so I sip, champagne on stormy shores
We on some hardcore, pornographic
Totin Austrian firearms that's made out of plastic
In these drastic surroundings, it be sounding like
Lebanon, makin fools "RETREAT!" like Megatron and Starscream
Oh yeah I scream-on-stars
to get loot and crossover like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Get out your car son, that's how I came to bougie niggaz
Act bad one, it's either that or make front page stardom
I'm the Golden Child, chased by Sodom
?? gots my bulletproof it's hard to shoot me you hear?

(By the time you see him {*BLAM BLAM*})
That means it's real fuckin hard to shoot me, you hear?

Light Speed, blazin Chronic through the galaxy
Hydro, doja, chocolate thai weed
Or we might be sippin on gin or Hennessey
Fuck that, where that new shit, The Chronic Iced Teas

Composição: Andre R. Young / Brian Bailey / Dr. Dre · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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