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feat Lil Wayne & Bun B

[Lil Wayne]

[Verse:1 Drake]
Uuh, Hardly home but always reppin', u hardly own it always
second, when im awake u always restin, and when they call you the
answer u will hardly question,I, Im doin classic shit in all my
sessions, other nigga's situations they are all depressin, that's why
i never follow yall suggestion's, i just always did my own thing, now I
run the game u stupid muthasuckas i see all these money through
my ohio state buck eyes, shit been goin good, but good can turn to
better, cuz u the type to lose her, and imma bout to get her.

It's OKx6. You can run n tell your friends that (im on x6)
Best believe I understand (it's OKx6). You can run n tell ma city (im on x6)
you can run n tell my city it's on.

[Verse:2 Drake]
Yeah, wrong way down a one way, women don't get saved round
me even on a sunday,
damn where i get it from, these niggas always wonder who, then
they meet my pop and tell em: ''Drake is just a younger you'', and
shawty wanna party so dont let yo girl up out the house or they'll
be shots on TMZ, of me givin her mouth-to-mouth, now she's
famous and the paparazzi starts to shoot her, i drop two black cars
i named'em ''Malcom X'' n ''Martin Luther''.
I don't ever play but im in the game lady, they just loose to love,
those are tennis games lady, have you countin money goin
dufflebag-crazy, sippin on Pink Floyd n puffin Wayne Brady,
Damn, who's line is it anyways, im in the daze, you been amazed,
yall seem to be stuck on that beginner stage,
im on fire(yupp) i've been a blaze, i got dough to blow, but i wanna
blow it right, you look nice, and yo frame makes me wanna bowl a
strike well alright, guess i might, know what fuck it yes i will, i am
more than what you bargained for and nothin less than real put it
to u like.


[Verse:3 Bun B]
Bun B king of tha trill also one of the dopest, wether the streets or
on tha mic, im dope and yes Im focused, the gangsta recognize
me for my locc ness no joke it's, time to shake these haters off
like the skin of a Locus, i may be like a python that's the type o'
shit im on, I wrote this on my iPhone so let me drop this ibomb, i
palm the game like it's a spaulding ball and take flight from the
free-throw line and slam it down like im the great mike, Bun n
Wayne n Drake in here man this gon' be a great night, look at all these
posers bite our swagger like a great white, try to cross me over i
just fake left then I break right, stupid animal tricks like David
Letterman's Late Night, this that major moment you've been waitin
on for too long, the best that ever did it n doin it on a new song,
UGK n Young Money too strong bound to be in the green like a crouton, so
what the fuck is you on?


[Verse 4:Lil Wayne]
I am the leather jacket, black glasses, all american bad boy. I own the swag supermarket and you you're just a bag boy cause I got that swag boy the swag you never had boy Hate an I will leave ya chest the color of my flag boy Suuwuup bitch, I do this shit, I'll erase you like I drew you bitch And I Keep That Toaster,You Can Cover me with struddle Bitch I'm so uptown, an mothafucker if you ain't don't go uptown,
An now im on dat rock shit,
But why they let me in I'm a start shootin at a mossh pit, haha
Fuck is you talkin bout, weezy in ya mouth now
Weezy whatchu talkin bout

Composição: A. Graham / B. Freeman / B. Joel / D. Carter / J. McArthur / M. Samuels · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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