Hell March


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The hell march goes on...
It takes direction over the bodies and souls.
I see no future, we'll die for sure.
Last is our breath leving the race in scorn.

Came to us the most painful fate
that inspired men to war and hate.
Divine is this world set on fire
that burns for god and devil's desire.

The hell march goes on...
And the time has no more meaning to be.
The biggest wings of mayhem embrace the earth.
The weapons of men had made their curse.

The hell march goes on...
To war for your beliefs and die like a cursed.

The hell march went by...
As useless as i, prayers didn't cure the plague.
This is the final chapter of mankind's belief...
the ending line of god's hell kingdom of death!

Marching in the razors' edge…
between the fire and the knife…

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