Unfaitful Diane

Eddie Cochran

Diane, Diane, unfaithful Diane
With golden hair and lips like wine
And blue eyes, as blue as the sky
A dream I once knew knew that can never come true
And only in dreams is she mine
Oh Diane, Diane, unfaithful Diane
My heart is at your command
Why should my heart so true, love, all be for you
Why I can't understand
So heartsick I'll be, 'cause you'll never love me
You'll never love any one man
Oh Diane, Diane, unfaithful Diane

Oh, not so long ago, this angel I know
She got hold in my arms so tight
I knew she were true, but just like a fool
I lin-gered, now I cry each night
For Diane, Diane, unfaithful Diane
Oh, my heart is at your command
Why should my heart so true, love, all be for you
Why I can't understand
So heartsick I'll be, 'cause you'll never love me
But I still love you, Diane

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