Nine Lives


Silence - it ain't the kill but the thrill of the chase
Same old story, same old song
Only the names have changed

Fair warning - I could have read your mind in time
By the look in your eyes
Like diamonds turning to ashes
Ties frayed and I missed your signs

Now I can't get over you
Cannot get under somebody else
I close my eyes...

When all I see is you, you came to drain my life away
But it takes nine lives til it's over
All I see is you, you came to drain my love away
But I got nine - I got nine lives til it's over

All my supplications gone unheard
Your head in my crotch has turned to a boot
But you won't hear a word

Salvation - I ride into nowhere and out of nowhere I come
The twinge in your brain, the pang of regret
Don't mess with no son of a gun

I'm gonna get over this
Gotta get under somebody else
I close my eyes...


Composição: Tobias Sammet · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Bruno
Traduzida por Maycon
2.532 exibições
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