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Lilac Breeze


Lilac blowing through the warm summer air
Hint of your perfume
The smell of your hair
Sun is setting and the crows all cry
Electrical storm forming in the sky
Got a hurt inside that I just gotta heal
All I can do is feel, feel, feel
Day is dying and the night is born
Baby don't leave me so lovelorn

A hungry dog howls through the trees
It echoes long on the lilac breeze
A blackbird sings a song so sad
Girl, I want it bad
Girl, I want it bad

Birds do it, bees do it
I wanna do it
The only thing we need to do
Is get down to it
Please hear my plea
Know it comes from the heart
Baby, you and me got something to start

A hungry dog howls through the trees
It echoes long on the lilac breeze
A blackbird sings a song so sad
Girl, I want it bad
Girl, I want it bad

Why won't you hear me?
I'm a desperate man
Darling, don't fear me
Just say we can

Lilac blowing in the warm summer breeze
Floating so soft with the cries in the trees
Sun is setting and the day is dead
How can I get it through your pretty little head

A hungry dog howls through the trees
It echoes long on the lilac breeze
A blackbird sings a song so sad
Girl, I want it bad
Girl, I want it bad
Girl, I want it bad

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