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Stranger, you look so different
Some other thoughts fill up your mind
And you made it all happen
Got me thinking of you in my life

And now I hope that
my wish's not too weak
I hope that
my will is enough, enough

'cause you made it all good for me
You made it all right
You made it all good for me
And fine

Stranger, can you forgive me
if it sounds like I know you so well?
It's just that you... you have been like water
when I was feeling so thirsty

And now, I think of you though you don't know
The reason why I love you so
But never mind

'cause you made me it all good for me, yeah
You made it all right
You made it all good for me
And just fine (just fine)

Yet I know
it'd be too much to wait for your love
It'd be sad to wait for anything...
your anything...

And so I sing?
I sing the words that I would say to you
I sing the time that I would spend with you...

'cause you made it all good for me yeah
You made it all right
You made it all good for me, yeah
You made it just fine (fine)
I'm happy that I feel better

Could I feel higher?
I could feel happier (happier)

Stranger you.. you look so different
Some other thoughts fill up my mind
Now you made it all happen
Got me thinking about... you...

Composição: Elisa Toffoli · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Fernando
Traduzida por Ana
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