This Isn't What We Meant


We dared to ask for more
But that was long before
The nights began to burn
You would have thought we'd learned
You can't make promised
All based to burn tomorrow
Happiness, security
Are words we only borrowed

For is this the answer to our prayers?
Is this what got has sent?
Please understand this isn't what we meant

The future couldn't last
We nailed it to the past
With every word a trap
That no one can take back
From all the architects
Who find their towers leaning
And every prayer we pray at night
Has somehow lost its meaning

For is this the answer to our prayers?
Is this what got has sent?
Please understand this isn't what we meant

A long time ago when the world was pretty
Standing right here in a different city
I'm not coming back anymore
Not coming back anymore

Is this the answer to our prayers?
Is this what god has sent?
Please understand this isn't what we meant

Composição: Sabe quem é o compositor? Envie pra gente.
Enviada por Leticia
Traduzida por Emilly
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