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Ian Thomas

I know this sounds like a "come-on"
But don't I know you from somewhere
Your face is so familiar
But the name just isn't there
Now you tell me, I remember at school
Sure I'll come over I've nothin' to do

Say isn't this a picture of me
Upon your wall
Surrounded by faces
Whose names I can't recall
We were all such close friends then
'Til ambitions grew, and brought it to an end

Who's the one beside me
Tell me she's a doctor now
About the one behind her
He made millions don't ask how
The one who drove so fast
He's a pumpin' gas
And next to him is drowning at the bar
It's all a memory that tore
Not much in common anymore
The way we are... the way we are

Who knows our paths may never cross
And maybe just as well
There might be conflicts
In the stories that we'd tell
When your memory plays tricks on you
Well... so long it's been good seeing you

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