Never Been In Love

Jay Sean

[verse 1]
Baby wait
Don't walk away
Won't you stay
With me i've got
Something to say
How about
We talk it out
There ain't a doubt
This thing is driving
Both of us crazy

And i can't seem to
Fight these
Look what you do to me oh
Look what you do to me
Maybe i've been
Trippin all this time
Look what you do to me
I'm starting to see

That i've never been
In love before
Cause i've never
Met a girl like you before
I cannot deny
You're the reason why
I can't eat
I can't sleep

Never been in
I can't let it go
That's something you
Should really know
Never been in
I can't let it go
That's something you
Should really know

[verse 2]
Could it be
That possibly
What i see in the movie scenes
Is real and it's happened to me
Feeling down
When you're not around
Cause baby now
It's love that's driving
Both of us crazy



I can't fight these butterflies
Look what you do to me
Maybe i've been
Tripping all this time
But now i'm slowly
Starting to see


[mini-bridge x2]

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