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Excuse Me Miss

Jay Z

(Jay Z)
You can't roll a blunt to this one,
You gotta, you gotta well, ya gotta light a J.
You gotta puff a J on this one. (inhales)
You can't even drink Crist-OWL on this one,
You gotta drink Crist-ALL. Woo!
Buy some red wine, a little Gocha 9-7
This is for the grown and sexy,

(Pharrell - over penultimate line to intro)
You're so contagious, I can't take it
Have my baby, let's just make it
Ex-cuse me; what's your name?

(Jay Z)
Yeah, can I get my groove in on someone,
'cause I see some ladies tonight
that should be hangin wit Jay-Z, Jay-Z

So hot to trot.. la-dy!

(Jay Z + Pharrell)
Excuse me miss, what's your name?
Can you come , hang with me?
Possibly. Can I take you out, to-night

You already know what it's hittin for.
Ma I got whatever outside and you know what I'm sittin on.
50/50 venture with them S dots kickin off.
Armadale poppin now, only bring a nigga more.
Only thing missin is a Missus.
You ain't even gotta do the dishes, got two dishwashers.
Got one chef, one maid. All I need is a partner
to play spades with the cards up, All trust!
Who else you gon' run with, the truth is us
Only dudes movin units - em, Pimp Juice and us.
It's the Roc in here!
Maebach outside got rocks n air
PJ's on the runway, Young got air
I don't land at a airport, I call it the clearport.
Therefore, I don't wanna hear more,
back and forth about who's hot as Young, holla!

Sex-cuse me... damn!
You're so contagious, I can't take it
Have my baby, let's just make it. La-dy

(Jay Z)
I got my Gocha 9-7 on right now,
You gotta puff a J to this one.
Can't roll a blunt up to this one boy.

You're so contagious, I can't take it
Have my baby, let's just make it
Ex-cuse me; what's your name? (AOWW!)

(Jay Z)
Cause I see some ladies tonight
that should be rollin wit Jay-Z, Jay-Z

So hot to trot.. la-dy! What's your name?
(Jay Z)
Cause I see some ladies tonight
that should be rollin wit Jay-Z, Jay-Z
You're so foxy girl.. you're so hot to trot..

(Jay Z)
Everybody's like, 'He's no item. Please don't like him.
He don't wife 'em, he one nights 'em!'
Now she don't like him, she never met him.
Groupies try to take advantage of him, he won't let 'em.
He don't need 'em, so he treats 'em like he treats 'em.
Better them than me, she don't agree with him.
She's mad at that, he's not havin that,
so those opposites attract like mag-a-nets.
She sees more than the Benz wagon, the friends taggin along
with a flashy nigga braggin on the song.
She gets a glimpse of Shawn and she likes that.
He 2 ways her, so she writes back.
Smiley faces after all of her phrases.
Either she the one or I'm caught in the matrix.
Fuck it, let the Fish-burn
Red or green pill, you live and you learn. C'mon!

Sex-cuse me... damn!

(Jay Z)
You gotta throw on your fine linens for this one

You're so contagious, I can't take it
Have my baby, let's just make it. La-dy

(Jay Z)
You might go, you mighta gotta go get you some Scooby Doo's.
Gotta throw on ya Scooby Doo's; those are shoes by the way.

You're so contagious, I can't take it
Have my baby, let's just make it

(Jay Z)
Gotta throw on Scooby Doo's, hehehehe

Ex-cuse me; what's your name? You so foxy girl
So hot to trot.. la-dy! What's your name?

(Jay Z)
This for the grown and sexy. Only for the grown and sexy. Uh.

(Pharrell) Lady. What's your name?

(Jay-Z) Woo!

You're so foxy girl.. you're so hot to trot..

(Jay Z)
Love let's go half on a son. I know my past ain't one.
You can easily get past, but that chapter is done.
But I'm done readin for now.
Remember spades face up, you can believe him for now.
But ma you got a f'real f'serious role.
I'm bout to give you all the keys and security codes.
'Bout to show you where the cheese, let you know I ain't playin.
But, before I jump out the window, what's your name?

Sex-cuse me... damn!
You're so contagious, I can't take it
Have my baby, let's just make it. La-dy
You're so contagious, I can't take it
Have my baby, let's just make it.

Ex-cuse me; what's your name? You're so foxy girl..
So hot to trot..
La-dy! What's your name? You're so foxy girl.. You're so hot to trot..

(Jay Z)

Composição: Shawn Carter / Pharrell Williams / Chad Hugo · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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  121. My President Is Black - Remix (ft. Young Jeezy)
  122. Brooklyn We Go Hard
  123. Real As It Gets (ft. Young Jeezy)
  124. Dig A Hole
  125. Intro/A Million And One Questions/Rhyme No More
  126. Already Home
  127. Renegade
  128. Off That (ft. Drake)
  129. Friend or Foe '98
  130. The Renegades
  131. Lobster & Scrimp
  132. Otis (feat. Kanye West & Otis Redding)
  133. Things That You Do
  134. Minority Report
  135. Big Chips ( 2004 Unfinished Business )
  136. Stranded (haiti Mon Amour) (feat. Rihanna E U2)
  137. '03 Bonnie And Clyde (Featuring Beyoncé)
  138. Rap Game/Crack Game
  139. Never Let Me Down
  140. Can't Knock The Hustle (fool's Paradise Remix)
  141. Success
  142. Lost (feat. Coldplay)
  143. Hyphen Hater
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