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I Can Change

John Legend


[Snoop talking]
Hey yo nephew check this out man
Now I know you got that bad chick right there
You aint even tripping off of her
But she doing all of that for you
She got this, she got that
She's off the hizzle
I mean when you find one like that
You got to make that change man
Cuz they don't come too often
And when they do come
You gotta be smart enough to know when to change
Like Sam Cooke say change gon' come nephew
And you better believe that

As I look back on all that I've done to you
My biggest regrets
The things that I never could do
I see the light now baby it's shining through
Gotta give up the game
Yeah I got some changin' to do

I won't get high if you want it
Get that straight
9 to 5 if you want it
Keep my ass home at night if you want it
Whatever you need me to do

When you talk I'ma listen
Give you all that attention you missing
Girl I swear I'ma handle my business
Just like a real man should do

I can change
I can change (you know I can change baby)
I can change
For you (you know I can stop baby)
I can change (you know I change baby)
I can change
I can change
For you (you know I can stop baby)

I'll give up all the places I used to go
Stay out the club
Stay home because I'm with you
I'll give up all those girls that I used to know
They don't compare
Baby I swear it's the truth (you know it's the truth baby)

So I'm through with the women
Yeah that's right
I give up on the pimpin'
Girl I'm gonna repent from my sinnin'
If that's what you want me to do

I'll get right if you want it
Go to church
Get baptized if you want it
Girl you opened my eyes and I'm gonna
Be much better for you

Baby believe me
Baby believe me

I can change (you know I can change baby)
I can change (know I can change baby)
I can change
For you
I can change
I can change
I can change
For you

[Snoop's Rap]
Take me to the river
And baptize my soul
I'm so outta control
Needing someone to hold
Man it's cold
I aint been clubbin', drinkin', or smokin'
I'm focused
Bowin' down every night prayin' and hopin'

I'm trying to figure out a way
But I just don't know how to say
But I'm rearrangin'
Hopefully I'm changin'
And you can see that
Baby cuz it's hard for me
Kinda sorta odd for me
But aint nothing to it
If you need me to do it
I guess...

I can change
I can change
I can change
For you (I'll give up on the pimpin' for you)
I can change
I can change
I can change
For you (sing it again y'all)

I can change
I can change
I can change
For you
I can change
I can change
I can change
For you

You know I can stop baby

Gotta believe me (you gotta believe me baby)
Gotta believe me (mmm yeah)
I telling the truth

You know I can stop baby

Gotta believe me (believe me)
Gotta believe me (believe me yeah)
I'm telling the truth

Get baptized if you want it
This time I mean it

Gotta believe me (this time I mean it)
Gotta believe me
I'm telling the truth

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