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Lucy Forever

King Diamond

I leave it up me me girl, you tell me when and I'll act

By the first light of dawn, daddy will be on his way
By the first light of dawn, no more daddy, I say

I leave it up to me girl
You tell me when and I'll make him disappear

I can feel...the sun will soon be here
Get away from that string my dear
What do you think you're doing Lucy

Too late, I should have seen it coming my way
Glass from the broken window, oh so high above
Heading straight for my neck

By the first light of dawn, my body lost its head
By the first light of dawn, oh god...I'm dead

I feel my soul is, creeping up into my brain

I guess I would be scared, if I weren't already dead
But my blackened heart has told me
No one really cares anyway
Lucy, what are you doing now, do not set him free girl
Lucy, what are you doing now
You better take a listen to my head
Did you hear what it said

The view is so very strange, so strange from here
Facing the floor is hard, when you're nothing but a ball
How could the mayor win, and I become one of them
I'm just a head on the floor
My body is over there, but I am still right here

Lucy come back to me
Lucy you cannot leave me like this

Lucy, I hear your little feet coming my way
Pick me up and let us head for home
But not a word to daddy
So she puts me in her backpack

Lucy forever, I'll be with lucy forever
Lucy forever, I'll be with Lucy forever
Lucy forever, I'll be with Lucy forever
Lucy forever, I'll be with Lucy forever
Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever

Composição: (Music: La Rocque / Lyrics: Diamond) · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Ramon
Traduzida por Netherrealm
1.406 exibições
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