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One Too Many Times

Kottonmouth Kings

Now I've been sitting back watching like a hawk on the hunt
See people talk a big game but it's only a front
They think they doing big things but they living month to month
Can't even buy the milk for the Captain Crunch
You got to keep a close eye keep a look out for show
Get your piece of the pie keep on stacking the dough
Keep a low profile and a smile on your face
But watch your back
'Cause someone's always trying to take your place
Steer clear of dead end roads and gold digging hoes
Those who already know know that's how it goes
One too many times I've been standing in the cold
But it won't happen again 'cause now I'm running the show
I got control of my life and yes I know where I'm headed
And if it came out of my mouth then I guess that I said it
I said a lot of crazy shit from the past to the present
But you can bank on the fact that I'm a keep representing'

I've been down that road one too many timez
Stoned late night just sitting in that drive-thru line
Folks keep asking what I'm gonna do with my life
I've been down that road one too many timez
One too many timez
One too many timez
One too many timez
One too many timez

One too many timez I've been down and out
Stuck in a rut trying to figure this one out
A dead end job no college degree
And my money's drying up faster than my weed
As this world goes around it seems nothing makes sense
Violence makes dollars all the sinner's repent
And this government seems hell bent to boil
Profits line their pockets blood runs for oil
And this cannabis plant is still demonized
By religious zealots that control from the right
With an iron fist and no consideration
For legalization or the creators creation
See I was always taught where there's smoke there's fire
And tell a lie once you get called a liar
See I decipher everything I receive
No wonder I don't know who the fuck to believe


Mother fuck the police mother fuck everybody
Mother fuck those mother fuckers that are still hating on me
I gives a fuck mother fucker fuck you too
Fuck that one dude I'll fuck that one dudes whole crew
I've been down that road like one too many timez
But I learned my lesson no second guessing
This time I'm dropping' dimes they scared to call a mother fucker out
By stupid acts or complicated rhymes
Think before you speak you sound like Chris Rock
You ain't got no rocks you ain't signed by the rock
Bitch ass get geeked punk I'll drop you off
You can't dribble the rock you ain't buy your lady no rocks
Fuck a rock I gives a fuck about some bling bling
As far as you know I don't give a fuck about anything
So keep it that way it saves me the breath from explaining myself
Ya stupid ass


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