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In The Mood For Love

Kylie Minogue

Love (I'm in the mood for)
Love (I'm in the mood for)
Love (I'm in the mood for)
Love (I'm in the mood for love)

It's the deep hot look in your eyes
The way your lashes reflect in the light
It's the heat every time that you're near
Feels like I'm in heaven

It's the little things, you know what I mean
Like the hole in the back of your jeans (your jeans)
It's perfection in every way
Feels like something special

Coming ready or not, got me out of my mind
'Cos boy you give me something, I just can't deny

I'm in the mood
The mood for love
Baby the way that you faze me
It's driving me crazy, your touch
Got me in the mood
I can't get enough
Baby I beg and I plead
But I love when you tease me, don't stop (don't stop)
I'm in the mood for love

Love (I'm in the mood for)
Love (I'm in the mood for)
Love (I'm in the mood for)
Love (I'm in the mood for)

It's the books that you've got on your shelf
It's your voice got me ready to melt
It's the sweet way you whisper my name
Feels like I'm in heaven

Coming ready or not, got me out of my mind
'Cos boy you give me something (something)
I just can't deny

[Repeat Chorus]

Love la la la la la la
Love la la la la la la
Love la la la la la la

Got all the world at your feet baby
For all the world I'll be your lady
Just the way you make me feel easy now
Can't contain it any longer
If anything it's getting stronger

[Repeat Chorus twice]

Love (I'm in the mood for)
Love (I'm in the mood for)
Love (I'm in the mood for)
Love (I'm in the mood for love)

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