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Hit U up

Lil Wayne

Come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on
I roll with a bunch of untamed guerrillas, head bustas, and sharks
Niggas that's 'bout beefin' - lettin' them K's spark
Knockin'-it-off-your-shoulder soldiers - them real niggas
Niggas who did time - hard-to-kill niggas
How you live, you get it is the way a nigga play it
Niggas ain't fightin' no more - niggas bustin' your head
Sendin' you to your grave - it's do or die, cousin
Aimin' straight for your head, makin' sure you die, cousin
They dressin' in black, prepared for combat
Ridin' four deep strapped with choppers and macks
Not givin' a fuck, gettin' your cut, lettin' it bust
You get hit, that's on you, my nigga - you're outta luck
You're stuck like chuck - wodie, you're assed out
That's what happen to ya tryin' to be hard, runnin' your mouth
Get erased, my nigga (my nigga)
Look here: I leave no trace, my nigga (my nigga)
No witnesses so can you see my face, my nigga (my nigga)
Fled the scene - so you have no case, my nigga- -case, my nigga
Look here: you can play if you wanna get down
Get your stupid ass left where you can't be found

[Hook (B.G.)]
We done hit you up, lit you up, twist you up (Ooohh!)
We done chopped you up, popped you up, boxed you up (Ooohh!)
We done hit you up, lit you up, twist you up (Ooohh!)
We done popped you up, chopped you up, boxed you up (Ooohh!)
We done hit you up, lit you up, twist you up (Ooohh!)
We done popped you up, chopped you up, boxed you up (Ooohh!)
We done hit you up, lit you up, twist you up (Whaa?)
We done chopped you up, popped you up, boxed you up

I was wrong for a lot of shit that I'ma take to my grave
Continuously whippin' niggas like a runaway slave
Must was meant for me to be thuggin' - I stay in some beef
Baby and Slim keep tellin' me, "Juvenile, stay off them streets."
I can't help - I draw attention; they be fuckin' with me
I'm hot in the ass and can't get enough of these streets
A lil' nigga in the Rolls screamin', "Fuck the police!"
Peelin' out in front the club, about to duck to the east
Now play yourself, you gon' find yourself by yourself
In a nice place ducked off with fucked up health
I done been strucked and snuck, but never fucked and stuck
My life is four hundred degrees, so I bust 'em up
Still stickin' to the g-code, Ree's, and B's
Quit drinkin', but I will smoke some weed indeed
All they understand is my project English
And if you don't like it, you can kiss my penis

[Hook-4x (B.G.)]
We done hit you up, lit you up, twist you up (Ooohh!)
We done chopped you up, popped you up, boxed you up (Ooohh!)

I run the streets 'cause I'm real if it's daylight or dark
You a killer, nigga? (Eah?) Ain't no fear in my heart
I'll go toe to toe with ya or take ya to war
I'll even go K for K with ya - now make your choice
Better know when I'm in beef that I be creepin', nigga
Better know that I'm a snake, and I'ma sneak ya, nigga
Each time I hit the corner, I be leavin' niggas
Momma upset - can't even go on and grievin', nigga
Nothin' change - I'm on TV, I don't play with you niggas
Still the same that'll spin broad day on you niggas
And empty a hundred out that K
Where you're caught hangin' is where you're left stankin', ya heard me
I've been in the game - niggas know what I'm 'bout
So many murders under my belt, I done lost count
If you wanna be another number, my nigga
Go ahead, drop your nuts, and run up, my nigga

[Hook (B.G.)]
We done hit you up, lit you up, twist you up (Ooohh!)
We done chopped you up, popped you up, boxed you up (Ooohh!)
Now, we done hit you up, lit you up, twist you up (Ooohh!)
Nigga, we done chopped you up, popped you up, boxed you up (Ooohh!)
Now, we done hit you up, lit you up, twist you up (Ooohh!)
And we done chopped you up, popped you up, boxed you up (Ooohh!)
Look, we done hit you up, lit you up, twist you up (Whaa?)
Look, we done chopped you up, popped you up, boxed you up (Ooohh!)

[Lil Wayne]
Hello, world
I zip through fast in a yellow pearl drop Porsche Boxter
Young mobster, wild and obnoxious
Pop some in your dreadlocks - What? Me not no rookie, boy
Glock cookin', boy
I'll turn your forehead to a pussy, boy
Off the gate, cousin, you niggas gon' make me stalk and spray somethin'
Spark or lace somethin'
Park the car, get out, walk, and spray somethin'
Taught to stay thuggin' brought up in this shit that we call America
And in my hood the laws are scared of us - we are too terrible
If I live to be old, it's a miracle
'cause the way a nigga hatin' or bitch plottin', the shit's hysterical
That's why I keep me two big guns on blast like a stereo
Come to your burial and kill anybody else who care for you
Don't blame me, society changed me
You haul white, you smash powder all night for the fast dollar
Cut off lights, we masked riders
The hood trash got us in a position we can't shake
With boys we can't break, and due to that you ain't safe, bitch

[Hook (B.G.)]
We done hit you up, lit you up, twist you up (Ooohh!)
Now, we done chopped you up, popped you up, boxed you up (Ooohh!)
Look, we done hit you up, lit you up, twist you up (Ooohh!)
Now, we done chopped you up, popped you up, boxed you up, nigga (Ooohh!)
(Did you see that?)
We hit you up, lit you up, twist you up (Ooohh!)
And we done chopped you up, popped you up, boxed you up (Ooohh!)
(Did you see that?)
We done hit you up, lit you up, twist you up (Ooohh!)
Now, we done chopped you up, popped you up, boxed you up (Ooohh!)
Boy, look,
We done hit you up, lit you up, twist you up (Ooohh!)
Now, we done chopped you up, popped you up, boxed you up (Ooohh!)
Look, we done hit you up, lit you up, twist you up (Ooohh!)
Look, we done chopped you up, popped you up, boxed you up (Ooohh!)

[B.G. (talking)]
Nigga - we put holes in you bitch-ass niggas, ya heard me
We don't barrow nothin', don't fear nothin'
And ain't nothin' you can do 'bout these (Hot! Hot! Hot!) Boy$, nigga
Let 'em burn, nigga
Let 'em burn, nigga
B.Geezy, Lil Wheezy, Juvy, Two Tymer

Composição: B. Thomas / D.P. Dad Carter · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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  192. Intro: This Is Why I'm Hot Freestyle
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  194. Upgrade U
  195. Put Some Keys On That
  196. My Daddy
  197. Get High, Screw Da World
  198. Promise
  199. I'm Blooded
  200. Zoo (feat. Mack Maine)
  201. Pussy M.V.P.
  202. Let's Talk
  203. When They Come For Me
  204. Diamonds & Girls Diamonds & Girls
  205. La La
  206. C.O.L.O.U.R.S.
  207. Get It Shawty
  208. Need Some Quiet
  209. Trouble
  210. It's Time To Give Me Mine
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  212. I Took Her
  213. Do What We Do
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  1. Breakin' My Heart (feat. Little Brother)
  2. Operate On Me (feat. Wyclef Jean)
  3. Big Dogg Status (Remix) (feat. Scarface, T.I., UTP)
  4. Here We Go Again (featuring Kanye West)
  5. Talkin' About It
  6. Don't Trip (feat Trina)
  7. Start Sprayin'
  8. 26's
  9. About U
  10. Beat The Block
  11. Playing With Fire
  12. They Still Like Me
  13. Workin Em
  14. Sportscenter
  15. Money in the Way (feat Bow Wow)
  16. Whip It
  17. 100 Million (feat Birdman)
  18. I'm so Hood (feat DJ Khaled)
  19. You (feat Lloyd)
  20. Girsl all around the word (feat Lloyd)
  21. Luxury Tax (feat. Rick Ross, Trick Daddy & Young Jeezy)
  22. Make It Rain (feat. Fat Joe)
  23. I Can't Believe It (feat T- Pain)
  24. Swagger Like Us (feat T.I. and Jay Z)
  25. Don't Get It (Misunderstood)
  26. Hawaii 5.0
  27. California Love
  28. Prostitute 2
  29. Push (Feat. Enrique Iglesias)
  30. Last Of A Dying Breed (Move The Crowd) (feat. Ludacris)
  31. Di- Pleaser (feat. Jae Millz)
  32. Stuntin (Featuring Drake)
  33. Whoever You Like (feat. Jae Millz)
  34. Action
  35. Showtime
  36. The Only Reason
  37. Cannon
  38. You Ain't Know (ft Birdman)
  39. Get Silly Freestyle
  40. Spit
  41. Crank That Weezy Wee
  42. Life's To Short
  43. Eat You Alive
  44. We Be Steady Mobbin'
  45. Triggaman (Feat. Madonna)
  46. Madden 08
  47. Pill Poppin Animal
  48. Studio Luv
  49. Ground Zero
  50. Amazing Love
  51. Real As They Come
  52. I Gotta Feeling
  53. Thrown It In The Bag
  54. Run This Town
  55. Watch My Shoes
  56. Poker Her Face
  57. D.O.A
  58. You Ain't Got Nuthin
  59. Drop It Like It's Hot
  60. The Price Is Wrong
  61. One Way Trip (feat Kevin Rudolf)
  62. Get It Life
  63. In Your Face (Spit)
  64. Girls Forever
  65. I'm Yours Let's Talk (feat. Lil' Wayne & Jah Cure)
  66. Wasted
  67. Bad Girl (feat. Britney Spears)
  68. Die for you
  69. Million Dollar baby
  70. I'm A Mothafuckin Menace
  71. Priceless
  72. Nothin, On Me
  73. This Girl
  74. Can I Be Your Man (feat. Bow Wow)
  75. Can I Talk To You (feat. Nutt Da Kidd & Mack Maine)
  76. Forgot About Me (feat. Scarface & Bun B)
  77. Damn Damn
  78. Always Strapped (feat Birdman)
  79. Light Up Rikers Island Remix(feat. Drake)
  80. Sweet Dreams (feat Nicki Minaj)
  81. Bandits (feat. Lloyd)
  82. So Gone
  83. Nymphos (feat. 2pac & Ludacris)
  84. American Dream
  85. Cool Outrageous Lovers (Feat. Andre 3000, Plies, Common)
  86. All My Life
  87. The Leak (Feat. Lil Twist)
  88. Banned From TV
  89. Ice Cream
  90. Break Up (Ft. Short Dawg & Gudda Gudda)
  91. I Got No Ceilings
  92. On The Wall (Ft. Brisco)
  93. I Told Ya'll
  94. Popular (Ft. Lil Twist)
  95. With You (feat. Drake)
  96. Hold Up (feat. T-streets)
  97. I Don't Like The Look Of It (ft. Gudda Gudda)
  98. Waist Of A Wasp (feat. T-Pain)
  99. In The Morning
  100. Bad
  101. Ready for the World
  102. 42 Bars
  103. A Message To The Djs
  104. After Disaster (Feat. Juelz Santana)
  105. Age
  106. How You Doing
  107. It's Been a Week
  108. Lightin' Up My
  109. That's What Niggas Do (Feat. 2Pac)
  110. 6'7' (feat. Corey Gunz)
  111. Fuck Me In The Mosh Pit
  112. Grenade Remix (feat. Bruno Mars)
  113. Hustle Hard
  114. My Reality (feat. Mack Maine And Gudda)
  115. Money On The Brightside (feat. The Killers, Drake)
  116. Always Strapped (feat. Lil Wayne)
  117. We Back Soon
  118. Love Affair (feat. Lil Wayne)
  119. I Am Still
  120. Hit the Lights (feat. Jay Sean)
  121. Motivation
  122. Game (feat. Red Nation)
  123. Ballin
  124. Roman's Revenge 2.0 (feat. Nick Minaj)
  125. I Get Money (feat T-Pain)
  126. That's What They Call (feat. Gudda Gudda)
  127. My Weezy
  128. 100 Winters
  129. Show Em What You Got
  130. Words Of Advice (feat Mack Maine)
  131. Let The Beat Build
  132. Only My Own
  133. She Bad (feat Mack Maine)
  134. It's Young Money
  135. More Of The Lights (feat Drake)
  136. Tunechi's Back
  137. Sorry 4 The Wait
  138. Gucci Gucci
  139. Hands Up
  140. Put The Light On Me
  141. I Can Only Imagine (feat. Chris Brown)
  142. It's Good (feat. Drake & Jadakiss)
  143. Abortion
  144. Up Up, & Away
  145. 2 Shots
  146. 6 Minutes Of Death (feat. Cassidy)
  147. Ain't Got Time
  148. A Nigga Couldn't Know (feat. Big Tymers)
  149. Blowing Up Fast
  150. Futuristic Sexy (feat. Jordan King)
  151. Interlude (feat. Andre 3000)
  152. Best Thing Yet
  153. Fuck Today
  154. I Got Some Money On Me (feat. Birdman)
  155. Dying
  156. Down Here
  157. Dear Summer
  158. Beat Without Base (feat. Jha Jha)
  159. Baseball Sex (feat. Mack Maine)
  160. Anne
  161. 3 N Morning
  162. How Can Something
  163. Home Run (feat. Juelz Santana)
  164. Hoes And Ladies (feat. T-pain)
  165. Get It On Wit Yall (feat. Juliany)
  166. Get Bizzy
  167. Flashy And Fly
  168. Fix My Ha
  169. S On My Chest (feat. Dj Khaled & Birdman)
  170. Problem Solver
  171. Pain
  172. Pretty Lil Heart (feat. Robin Thicke)
  173. The Real Her (feat. Drake)
  174. Yes (feat. Pharrell)
  175. Black Out (feat. Verbal)
  176. When I Sleep
  177. Wayne On Me
  178. Skit End
  179. Celebrate
  180. Goulish (Pusha T Diss)
  181. Rah
  182. Green Ranger (feat. J. Cole)
  183. I Don't Like
  184. Get Smoked (feat. Lil Mouse)
  185. Cashed Out
  186. Same Damn Tune
  187. Flowerz (feat. Chris Brown)
  188. 60 Rackz (Remix)
  189. Burn
  190. Sure Thing (Freestyle)
  191. I Ain't Nervous (feat. Boo)
  192. Staring At The World
  193. Trigger Finger (feat. Soulja Boy)
  194. Hello (feat. Shane Heyl)
  195. Romance
  196. Wowzerz
  197. Original Silence (feat. Mack Maine)
  198. Bossy
  199. Bugatti
  200. Before Tune Gets Back
  201. Drama & Weezy
  202. Feds Watching (ft. 2 Chainz / T.I. )
  203. Fuckin' Problems
  204. Devastation
  205. Levels
  206. FuckWitMeYouKnowIGotIt
  207. Pure Colombia
  208. Itchin'
  209. Live Life
  210. New Slaves
  211. UOENO
  212. Try Me
  213. Admit It (ft. SNL)
  214. No Haters
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