Lucky Dube

Ministers of religion
have visited me many times
to talk about it
They say to me
I gotta leave it I gotta leave it
It's a bad habit
for a man
But when I try to leave it
my friends keep telling me
I'm a fool amongst fools

Now I'm a slave, a slave
I'm a slave
I'm a liquor slave
I'm a slave, a slave, slave
I'm a slave
Just a liquor slave

I have lost my dignity
I had before trying
to please everybody
Some say to me
yo yo
I look better when I'm drunk
Some say no no no
I look bad you know
Sometimes I cry
I cry but my crying
never helps me none

'Cos now I am a slave, a slave
I'm a slave
I'm just a liquor slave
I am a slave, a prisoner
I'm a slave
Just a liquor slave

Every night when I'm
coming back home
My wife gets worried
'cos she knows
Shes got double trouble
coming home
Sometimes I cry
I cry lord I cry
But my crying
never helps me

Chorus: (till fade)

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