Kept Boy

Marc Almond

He brings me flowers every morning
He brings the world onto my bed
He makes my bedroom into spring time
Violets, gardenias, roses red

He brings me tea and serves me chocolate
And I lick honey from his finger tips
He makes the world a little brighter
He makes my shadows a little lighter

I know where she keeps her money
I know she has but little time
I know that she completely trusts me
I've got her where I want her
She's completely mine

I've seen her brooches thick with diamond
I've seen her count her beads of jet and pearl
I'll bleed her of her soul and riches
I'm so happy that
Oblivious the bitch is

Kept boy
You kept me enraptured
Kept boy
You keep breaking my heart
Kept boy
I kept you encaptured
Kept boy
You keep playing the part

He cooks me dinner with the trimmings
He polishes my silverware
With tears of joy my eyes are brimming
Without him my world would be very bare

I know where she keeps her papers
Her testaments, her deeds to own the house
Her trusting look keeps me in stitches
I'm so happy that
Oblivious the bitch is

Kept boy
You kept me enraptured
Kept boy
You keep breaking my heart
Kept boy
I kept you encaptured
Kept boy
Keep playing the part
Kept boy
You kept me enraptured
Kept boy
You keep breaking my heart
Kept boy
I kept you encaptured
Kept boy
Keep playing the part

He brings me flowers every morning
He brings the papers to my bed
Opens the curtains to my bedroom
And chases bad dreams from my head

And as we celebrate your birthday
The one you thought would be my last
There's something bitter in the champagne
Something working very fast

Oh, oh, how I'm, how I'm feeling very dizzy
The ceilings, the ceilings are becoming roundabouts

I caught your eyes upon my riches
Not so oblivious this bitch is

Kept boy
You kept me enraptured
Kept boy
No more playing a part
Kept boy
I'll keep you forever
And ever (x10)
Kept boy
I'll keep you forever
And ever (repeat to fade)

Composição: Billy McGee / Marc Almond · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Mariana
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