May Cause Discoloration Of The Urine Or Feces

Marilyn Manson

(Grandmother) {mumbles} This morning
(Mother) I can't hear ya
(Grandmother) I woke at 6:30 this morning with a headache
(Mother) Oh
(Grandmother) I want to take {mumbles} or not.
(Mother) I wouldn't take them
(Grandmother) I don't know {mumbles) now
(Mother) Is it the first time that you took them?
(Grandmother) Yes
(Mother) Yeah
(Grandmother) I had a little bit of a headache this morning
(Mother) I wouldn't take them, mom
(Grandmother) I don't think I might cuz I {mumbles} a headache, I take everything I got {mumbles}
(Mother) All that blood pressure medicine you take, and stuff too, you shouldn't take those things. It's better off not to sleep than to take them
(Grandmother) {mumbles}
(Mother) Oh my God. No wonder you got a headache, your pressures probably sky high. Why don't. You gotta take that everyday
(Grandmother) {mumbles}
(Mother) Are you crazy?
(Grandmother) It's been 3 days
(Mother) That's probably why you have a headache now. Did you take it today?
(Grandmother) I took it this morning, yeah
(Mother) That's probably why you have a headache, cuz your pressures up
(Grandmother) Yeah
(Mother) I don't know how you can forget to take it
(Grandmother) {mumbles}
(Mother) When that's the only pill you take
(Grandmother) I take so many pills you'd be surprised
(Mother) Well, the blood pressure pills the most important one
(Grandmother) Yeah
(Mother) There ain't no other one that's important as that one
(Grandmother) I got one more, then I gotta get to the store got two refills on it
(Mother) You only got one pill?
(Grandmother) it only takes one day
(Mother) Well, yeah, but you shouldn't let them get that low
(Grandmother) I get {mumbles} in the morning and go get it filled
(Mother) There expensive. If you have to pay for em. Procardia
(Grandmother) Yeah, the other ones
(Mother) Which ones?
(Grandmother) I gotta pay for Procardia
(Mother) Were you takin that everyday?
(Grandmother) Yeah
(Mother) Well that's the blood pressure pill. The heart pill. The Procardia. And what's the other one?
(Grandmother) Umm, H. Y. D. R. O. T. O. N.
(Mother) Aww, that's something to do with water and uh, blood pressure
(Grandmother) this one says that it is for blood pressure
(Mother) Yeah, well {mumbles} is like a water pill type pressure, but the Procardia is the important one
(Grandmother) Yeah
(Mother) You have to take that everyday
(Grandmother) Yeah
(Mother) You should take that the first thing when you get up
(Grandmother) Yeah, umm
(Mother) Well how come you ain't takin it?
(Grandmother) I took it yesterday, the Procardia
(Mother) Well how come you didn't take it today?
(Grandmother) I had the headache today
(Mother) That's why you have a headache. You gotta take the Procardia. Take it now. That's what's for your headache. That's to make your blood pressure come down
(Grandmother) Yeah.
(Mother) If you don't your gonna, you'll have a stroke if you don't take it, If you gotta a headache that bad your gonna have a stroke
(Grandmother) I had a headache that bad this morning
(Mother) Well you better go take the Procardia right now
(Grandmother) I will. I'll take the one I got
(Mother) You didn't take that other blood pressure pill either?
(Grandmother) Yeah. I took it this morning
(Mother) Well, you should take the Procardia right now
(Grandmother) Take the Pericardia {mumbles} get it in the morning
(Mother) Well you
(Grandmother) {mumbles}
(Mother) Well how has it been since you took the Procardia?
(Grandmother) 3 days
(Mother) How many?
(Grandmother) 3
(Mother) See, well that's ridiculous. You better go take it right now
(Grandmother) I will.
(Mother) Then you'll find out your headache will go away
(Grandmother) Yeah. I'll take it now {mumbles} Procardia {mumbles}
(Mother) Any other medicine your taking isn't that important. You ain't got nothing but nerve pills. They ain't important
(Grandmother) {mumbles}
(Mother) Well the nerve pills ain't that important. The blood pressure medicine's important

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