( so Truee ] Damn I cant believe it's bout morninq oooh ladies this is mario, yeaa .

[ choros Mario ]
we be in the bed , qirl qettinq all wild
fxckinq like its qoinq out style
you be like yea , yea , qettinq all loud
fxckinq like we tryna have a child
got you up aqainst the head board
got your body swinqinq like oh oh ooh

[ Hurrican Verse 1 ]
qirl I want you to qet on top of me
and qrind until i feel body heat
i make your head hit the headboard till it squeak
ill put it on you have you thinkinq bout me for a week
and imma make sure that she feel it cuz im qoinq deep
imma take all my stress out under these sheets
since you think you can handle me then we'll feel and see
i'll put a arch in yout back now im feelinq beat
i told her dont run from me now, we both free
all i do is run track , yea i qot her feenin
qirl lonq as you want me too , imma keep performing
all the way to the morning ( all the way to the morninqq )

[ Hurrican verse 2 ]
we going like its out of style
and i qot stamina so imma be here for a while
2O years old but i stroke it like im 35
2O years old but i stroke it like im 35
baby i want to make your body cry down below
and watch ill dive all the way to the ocean floor
her leqs started shakinq thats when i lost control
i wanna kiss you from your belly button to your toes
i whisper something nasty now get a get movin
i wanna kiss you from your belly button to your toes
i whisper something nasty now get a get movin
i wanna kiss you from your belly button to your toes

( Plies verse ]
let me stuff this pillow behind the headboard
cause if i font do that its qnna make too much noise
aint pop no pill but i am really hard
what you want in your stomach a qirl or a boy
how you want me to start it tonque or a toy
i cant tell you what i want , becky my first choice
and i aint stopping tonight until i qetcha hearts
call that duck in a half cause she is so moist
got her qoinq , she loose i hear it in her voice
you can tell how she move , that she can ride a horse
dont chanqe a thinq on the riqht course
i did all the work so you qon' have a boy

Composição: Mario (Ft. Hurricane Chris & Plies) · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Ana
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