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Little Red Rider

The Monkees

Little Red Rider ride on the railroad
And she rides.
Little Red Rider ride on the railroad
Wave goodbye.
So long, Sunshine,
Ride away.
I know you'll come back some day, line by line.

Little Miss Red's asleep on the railroad
There she goes.
Little Miss Red's asleep on the railroad
No one knows,
That little Miss Red is little Miss Blue
And she looks a lot like you
Around the eyes.

Nobody was home in town.
Nobody was home in town.
Nobody was home in town
In the town I call home.
Somebody said they all had drown.

Bye-bye, sweet miss,
Give me one kiss
And then I'll go.
Bye-bye, sweet miss,
Give me one kiss
Don't let it show.
Then turn your brown eyes to the wall.
Was that message there before you were so wise.


Bye-bye, sweet miss,
Give me one kiss
And then I'll go.
Bye-bye, sweet miss,
Give me one kiss
Don't let it show.
Then turn your brown eyes to the wall.
Was that message there before you were so wise.

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