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Don't Let Her Pull You Down

New Found Glory

It's time that I rain on your parade
Watch as all your hopes explode
To landmines
You ask for help but people turn away

You're living so far away from the truth
That you're believing in your own lies
It's no surprise that you sleep at night
Drowning in your prize

You made him feel so welcome (welcome)
Make him forget about
The poison running through his veins
You may say that you love him (love him)

Now lie in the mess you've made

(Don't let her!)
Don't let her pull you down
(Don't let her!)
Don't let her pull you down
(Don't let her!)
Don't let her pull you down

It's time I get a few things straight with you
You haven't been in for the whole time
Your stories, like your lifestyle, distorted, yeah

You're living so far away from the truth
That you're leaving me with no choice
To put you back in your place
With every sentence

You made him feel so wanted (wanted)
You make him feel that there is
Nothing more beyond your door
You may say that you love him

Now tell me what the rush is for

(Don't let her!)
Don't let her pull you down
(Don't let her!)
Don't let her pull you down
(Don't let her!)
Don't let her pull you down
(Don't let her!)

I hope that
This isn't a sign of things to come (things to come)
I'll kill myself for blaming you (blaming you)
Please tell me now, is this a sign of things to come?

(Don't let her!)
Don't let her pull you down
(Don't let her!)
Don't let her pull you down
(Don't let her!)
Don't let her pull you down
(Don't let her!)

It's time that I rain on your parade

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