Creek Mary's Blood


Soon I will be here no more
You'll hear my tale through my blood
Through my people and the eagle's cry
The bear within will never lay to rest

Wandering on Horizon Road
Following the trail of tears

White man came
Saw the blessed land
We cared, you took
You fought, we lost

Not the war but an unfair fight
Sceneries painted beautiful in blood

Wandering on Horizon Road
Following the trail of tears
Once we were here
Where we have lived since the world began
Since time it self gave us this land

Our souls will join again the wild
Our home in peace 'n war 'n death

Wandering on Horizon Road
Following the trail of tears
Once we were here
Where we have lived since the world began
Since time it self gave us this land...

"Hanhep iyuha mi ihanbla ohinni yelo
Òn sunkmanitutankapi hena
Sunkawakanpi watogha hena
Oblaje t' ankapi oihankesni hena
T' at' epi kin asni kiyasni he
Akantanhanpi iwankal
Oblaye t' anka kin
Osicesni mitakuyepi òn
Makoce kin wakan
Wakan Tanka kin òn
Miwicala ohinni - Hanhepi iyuha
Kici - Anpetu iyuha kici yelo
Mi yececa hehaka kin yelo, na
Ni yececa sunkmanitutankapi
Kin ka mikaga wowasaka isom
Uncinpi tuweni nitaku keyas ta k' u
Unwakupi e' cela e wiconi
Wanji unmakainapi ta yelo
Anpetu waste e wan olowan
Le talowan winyam ta yelo
Unwanagi pi lel e nita it' okab o' ta ye
Untapi it' okab o' ta
Na e kte ena òn hanska ohakap
Ni itansni a' u nita ni ihanke yelo"

Composição: Tuomas Holopainen · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Traduzida por Melina
Legendado por Sweet Child
28.182 exibições
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