Number Ones


What you hear is the voice of a prince in his prime
I articulate and other just rhyme
I paint the picture nigga I'm Picasso
Raw from the brick to the nostril hostile
Sick and I seek no cure speak nothing but the truth
The shit keeps ya boy so peeuw
Never will I sound like he is not be though
I'm on my own dick my no hoe
Couldn't be in the same room as octane
I see you doin' ya thing but you ain't the same

Now I'm sittin' poolside with bad females
Wipe off the gucci shades yeah I can see well
Touch my mula I'll choke ya like spreewell
Mercedes drop a baby and you know it's v12
Pound for pound we the hottest doin' it
Anything I want outta life I'm pursuing it
Ain't respecting the game, they just ruin it

I'm a bring hip hop back, watch how I'm doing this
Flood the whole game, then float like noah
Slip in the well and sing hymns like jonah
On the stage alone, one mic, I'm a loner
I'm the heartbeat to in my city on the corner
So they call me swagger doner since life is my I'm a stagger on her

Yo soy numero uno
Yo so optimo
You want more nina bonita
I'll give you more, I'll give you more
Left side scream, right side scream
Middle to the top
You want more nina bonita
I'll give you more, I'll give you more

See the money means nothing if I can't hear you
To get here
If I only knew what we went through
Blood sweat tears
Turn it into bright lights along with cheers
Never will I move like he who is not, I'm on my own shh, I'm on fire

Hot like flame, the flow is not the same
I'm the connect, respect the left lane
Te pace has been set, ain't no stopping me
Jewelery alone can buy property
Get money split it 2 ways, the new face tycoon status what can you say
It's irrelevant man, we selling out stadiums
Staples center to the palladium
Entertaining them
Giving you numb one

Yo soy numero uno
Yo so optimo
You want more nina bonita
I'll give you more, I'll give you more
Left side scream, right side scream
Middle to the top
You want more nina bonita
I'll give you more, I'll give you more


Composição: Jeremy Reeves / Jonathan Yip / Micayle McKinney / Omari Grandberry / Rufus Moore / Shad Moss · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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